Model 15 update – further refinements to mega-synth from Moog

Download from iTunes App Storemodel 15 logoI posted a full review of Moog’s Model 15 iOS modular synth app just after it was launched. Moog don’t do lots of iOS music apps but those they have released have certainly made an impact. In Animoog, which was first released on the App Store in November 2011, they created one of the most authentic, analog-sounding, iOS synths to date and, with their innovative use of a virtual keyboard, paved the way for other developers to re-imagine what a touchscreen could offer when interacting with a ‘virtual’ musical instrument.

In iOS music app terms, Animoog also deserves a ‘classic’ status….  and, in Model 15, I think they have another contender to reach that status…. This is a beast of an app, both in terms of how it sounds, the way it looks and, indeed, in terms of the hardware/OS combination required to really get the best out of it. Moog do like to set some serious standards for other iOS synths apps to follow…. :-)

Model 15 - huge flexibility and equally huge sound :-)

Model 15 – huge flexibility and equally huge sound :-)

Anyway, v.1.1.0 arrived on the App Store over the weekend. This brings a whole list of minor tweaks and refinements. For example, if you save patches, arpeggios of CC maps, these are now stored on your iCloud drive so they can be recalled anywhere from any device linked to the same iCloud account. In addition, the ‘hold’ feature now also allows you to turn off individual keys that are being sustained by a second tap on that key (very useful). There have also been a number of tweaks to the recoding process to improve performance , allow longer recordings to be made and, via the Share facility, to create and then share a music video from the recording module. I’ve not yet had a chance to try this last one but it does sound interesting!

Other changes include tweaks for iOS10 support, improvements in the IAA support, an update to the core audio engine, better Ableton Link support, improved support for the Apple Pencil, better stability of the iPad Air 1, improvements to the manual and an update to the AudioCopy SDK….  phew…  as I said, quite a list.

This updates adds the option to make a video based upon an audio recording....

This updates adds the option to make a video based upon an audio recording….

If you are a fully signed up member of the iOS synth app addicts forum, then Model 15 is likely to be on the ‘most wanted’ list. Providing you have suitable iOS hardware to run it, this is simply going to be too tempting to resist. In iOS terms, the US$29.99/UK£22.99 asking price is at the upper end of the app pricing spectrum but I think it still easily qualifies as a bargain considering what is on offer.

We have done the whole ‘want’ vs ‘need’ argument before here on the blog…. I don’t ‘need’ Model 15 in order to make music on my iPad Pro…. but, having tried it for myself, I’d most certainly ‘want’ it. Top notch stuff from Moog… although I do wonder just how apps this good might eventually impact upon their ability to sell significant numbers of any genuine hardware synth….. :-)

Moog Model 15

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    1. It’s October, and for all sorts of reasons, I still think Model 15 will end up my iOS music-production app of 2016. iCloud-based syncing of patches and other information between linked iDevices, is one of the features I was really holding out for on this synth, and top marks to Moog Music for not keeping us waiting that long for it!

      If there’s a wish-list for the next big update… I would be over the moon if M15’s sequencer got the option of 16 steps (however they choose to implement it). Granted, it wouldn’t be strictly “authentic”, but then last time I looked, compared to the original M15, the app has four-note polyphony and stays in tune, so I don’t think taking one more “liberty” would hurt :-P

    2. This synth is a god. It’s soooo good.

      • Hi jayson… :-) It does sound fabulous although I’m not sure I actually understand what I’m doing when it comes to programming it! Very best wishes, John

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