Model 15 launched – Moog recreate their modular synth as an iOS music app

Download from iTunes App Storemodel 15 logoThere are certain music technology names that not only define certain sectors of the market but that are also brands that have reached the wider world consciousness. In terms of synthesis, Moog is one of those brands and their original hardware designs fully deserve their ‘classic’ status.

Moog are not, however, a company stuck in their classic heritage and they have embraced software synthesis fully. That has included iOS and, in iOS terms, they are also responsible for one of the synth apps that has achieved a ‘classic’ status in Animoog, while their Filtatron filter app brings the smooth sound of their analog filters into a very affordable format.

Moog's Model 15 - classic modular analog synth recreated in an iOS music app.

Moog’s Model 15 – classic modular analog synth recreated in an iOS music app.

In you are a synth geek and an iOS music app addict, the odds are that news of a new Moog iOS synth app is going to be greeted with some sense of excitement….  If so, then now might be the time to get excited then as Moog’s Model 15 iOS music app has hit the App Store today. Model 15 is, apparently, a pretty faithful reproduction (but with some added extras to exploit the touchscreen interface) of the hardware version of the Model 15, and that itself was the subject of a limited-run reproduction (150 units world-wide) recently. This is a fully modular synth, the origins of which date back to the early 1970s….  and, as you will undoubtedly have heard on countless recordings (whether you realise it or not), it makes some pretty awesome sounds.

OK, so an iOS might not have the coolness of the hardware unit, and we can argue the toss about whether a virtual synth really captures the exact sound of the hardware….  but, frankly, when the hardware cost US$10,000 (that was the price of the reissue hardware recently) and the iOS app costs US$29.99/UK£22.99, then lots of synth-heads will simply shout ‘bargain’ and bite Moog’s hand off….

The app includes all the features of the original hardware... plus a few extras to make best use of the touchscreen interface.

The app includes all the features of the original hardware… plus a few extras to make best use of the touchscreen interface.

Pricing aside, the app requires iOS9.0 or later (9.3 is recommended as it bought some improvements to the iOS audio drivers), hardware that is iPhone 5s/iPad Air or newer and is a 200MB download. It ships with Audiobus, IAA and Ableton Link support, full MIDI support (including for Bluetooth MIDI if you have appropriate hardware), features that exploit 3D Touch on suitable iPhones and the Apple Pencil.

As shown in the screenshots here, Model 15 most certainly looks the part and, while modular synths are not something to be tackled lightly, I expect many iOS musicians will find this a very appealing prospect. As ever, a full review will follow once I have been able to fully dig in….   but this certainly looks very good on first impressions and I’m sure it will sell by the bucketload. Fortunately, the iOS app is not limited to 150 units world wide….  :-)

Moog Model 15

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    1. tadets says:

      I can’t download until I get home

      But what’s the iap

    2. Moog System 15 sounds delicious – really pleased they made this a Universal app, so I can have a Moog modular in my pocket :-P £23 is pricey for an iOS app, but you’d probably pay a good few times more than that for an equivalent Mac AU plugin instrument. I can imagine feeding this into our home Logic/Mac setup via Music IO!

      Two concerns I have: (1) I own an iPad Air and iPhone 5s (the minimum-compatible devices), so how well would they run, esp. if I were recording the Moog into (say) MTDAW? (2) I love the sound of modular synth recreations like iVCS3, but find them really tough to program.

      Otherwise: I think I’ll be foregoing a few coffees for this…

    3. Wow, wow, wow! I’m thrilled to no end to see this app. Once I buy, I think most of my free time will get sucked into this one app. I have a lot to learn.

      Sonicstate just released a great video which shows off a lot of the features:

      • Hi Toz…. yep, it does look interesting…. and many thanks for the video link…. I’m sure folk will be keen to see the app in action…. Very best wishes, John

    4. i just bought it straightaway, after upgrading to 9.3. It was just too promising to resist, and with Moog’s reputation I was confident it would deliver, even if a bit pricey, i knew i had to have it.
      And surprise surprise, it is awesome, worth every penny if you understand the Moog heritage and want to get a taste of it. It is beautifully programmed and laid out, it really feels like patching a proper modular analogue synth and not a modern version of one. It sounds fantastic, from deep, low growling, fat twanging resonant basses to cutting, singing, wobbling high tones. This is proper experimental electronic stuff. What a wonderful thing the iPad is, there is no desktop equivalent of this, and if there were it would be much more expensive. (Caveat: check out the forthcoming Softube modular, based on Doepfer modular synths, which I will probably buy as well!)

    5. ConfusedKitten says:

      Hi John, thanks for the heads up, really exciting news! I just wanted to point out that it requires iOS 9.3 (not 9.0 as above) which will be an issue for some people (but not me) he he! ;) Looking forward to the review as this news was a real surprise and based on the online examples it sounds very lush indeed! :)

    6. ConfusedKitten says:

      BTW: It’s not your fault because the app description on iTunes says compatible with iOS 9.0 in the compatibility section AND only compatible with IOS 9.3 in the general description. Apparently it crackles if not using IOS 9.3 because of the advances with the audio drivers, but is a little confusing isn’t it lol! :)

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