Mitosynth update – hybrid iOS synth from Wooji Juice Ltd gets further refinements and new patches

Download from iTunes App StoreMitosynth logoWooji Juice’s Mitosynth iOS music app has been with us for a couple of years now. I was very impressed with the app when I reviewed it just after it was released. Mitosynth looked great, sounded great (especially if you are into sound design and sound textures) and played nicely with other iOS music apps via Audiobus.

It also provides a novel set of sound design tools that, while easy to use, provide a tremendous amount of flexibility for the keen programmer. It might not be my recommendation as a first ‘serious’ iOS synth app for the newbie iOS musician but if you are already a die-hard iOS synth app fan, it is well worth adding to your sonic arsenal. And, at the current UK£10.99/US$14.99 asking price, it is a heck of a lot of synth for a very modest outlay.

The Mitosynth interface is very stylish... and now comes with a new 'Painter' mode in the wave Chamber.

The Mitosynth interface is very stylish… including the ‘painter’ mode in the Wave Chamber.

The app has received regular updates since release. Back in March it was updated to provide some performance enhancements and to make use of the full iPad Pro screen (on which it looks fabulous). However, a further update – taking the app to v.1.2.9 – arrived on the App Store late today. This brings a round of minor fixes (always welcome) but also a new mode for the pulse width modulation options within the synth engine and a set of 25 additional presets (the app now includes around 180 presets in total) have been added. Regular users will, therefore, have some new inspiration to explore….

Mitosynth now includes a pretty extensive set of preset patches.....

Mitosynth now includes a pretty extensive set of preset patches with new ones added on a regular basis…..

Mitosynth really is an interesting iOS music app and, for those that are prepared to get stuck into some sound creation for themselves, Mitosynth has a heck of a lot to offer. If you are prepared for that journey into sound creation, Mitosynth is an excellent choice and well worth a place on the iPad (or iPhone; the app is universal) of any synth-head.


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    1. Baudouin LE CLERCQ says:

      Yes Mythosynth hides very well its power behind a very simple interface but, in my opinion, it’s maybe the most rich and powerful synth engine on IPad. The modulations possibilities are infinite and you can mix additive, subtractive and sampling synthesis in one set.

    2. This is the third update in 2016 and still no AU support!
      Am I the only one thinking that AU should right now be priority 1?

      • Hi Joaven….. I’m sure every iOS music app developer is thinking about AU provision…. but, equally, I’m sure it is something that also requires a lot of work, especially for (a) those developers with no experience of AU on the desktop and (b) with apps that have a more complex feature set (such as Mitosynth) that would require some considerable re-design to fit into the the smaller ‘AU window’ that most AU hosts currently provide…. There may, also, be some economics involved for some and whether they have the resources to spend on the development work based on whatever extra sales they think AU support is going to bring them…. All that said, AU is the direction iOS music apps have to go down…. Let’s hope iOS10 gives that process a bit of momentum and that Apple make the process as easy as possible for developers wanting to adopt the technology…. Very best wishes, John

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