MiMiXmini launched – TTrGames bring their Audiobus mixer utility app to iPhone

Download from iTunes App Store mimixmini logo 1I have to admit that, on first release, MiMix, from developer TTrGames, passed me by. However, with v.2.0 arriving on the App Store a few months ago, and a somewhat harder promotional push by the development team, it certainly felt like a good time for me to play ‘catch up’ and give the app a full review.

MiMix has a tag line of ‘Mixer for Audiobus’ and this pretty much sums up its key function; whatever apps you have sitting within your Audiobus setup (up to a maximum of eight, although as we will see in a while, this is more like ‘eight audio streams from Audiobus’ rather than just ‘eight apps’), MiMix provides you with a single screen ‘mixer’ interface that lets you adjust the volume, stereo position, mute and solo of those eight Audiobus audio sources.

MiMiXmini - an iPhone version of the Audiobus mixer utility app is now available.

MiMiXmini – an iPhone version of the Audiobus mixer utility app is now available.

Anyway, check out the original review for the full details. The original version was, however, an iPad-only app. A couple of days ago though, TTrGames launched an iPhone version of the app; MiMiXmini. The new app features essentially the same feature set but re-packed and laid out to best suit the somewhat more compact screen on the iPhone. Having given the app a quick test drive this morning on my iPhone 6S, it seems to work very smoothly. Understandably, there is a little more switching between screens but this is a pretty smooth experience and, if you are predominately an iPhone-based iOS musician who makes use of Audiobus, MiMiXmini is well worth a look.

Like its iPad parent MiMix, MiMiXmini offers MIDI Learn options for all the key controls.

Like its iPad parent MiMix, MiMiXmini offers MIDI Learn options for all the key controls.

Rather like Audiobus Remote, having used MiMix – and now MiMiXmini – I think it is very easy to say ‘doh!’ and wonder why we have not seen this functionality before. If you do make extensive use of Audiobus as part of your iOS music production workflow, MiMix and MiMiXmini are likely to prove to be a very useful ‘utility’ apps; it might not be essential to every iOS musician or to every iOS music project but, as each app is available at a pocket-money price of UK£3.99, if you use Audiobus, then they are well worth having around and, for those who are committed Audiobus users.

Like MiMix, MiMiXmini is a no-fuss, get it done, sort of an app and, in my own testing, worked pretty much flawlessly. It’s also great to see a clear and helpful PDF manual available for the app and this is well worth reading…. MiMix and MiMiXmini come highly recommended to all regular Audiobus users….

MiMixMini – Mixer for Audiobus, iPhone version

MiMix – Mixer for Audiobus

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    1. I bought MiMiX for iPad (ISTR, during a sale period), but have never really got around to using it – that’s down to me rather than any particular fault with the app!

      One thing I wondered: can you think of a way to use MiMiX (either version) to mix more than one source and pipe it to an IAA input? I was thinking of Pickup (Positive Grid’s video app), which can take an IAA (but not Audiobus) input source – usually a guitar amp/FX app. Sometimes I think it would be handy to be able to mix more than one audio source, to feed it to Pickup, but I can’t think of how to do this as Pickup is IAA-only.

      Thinking about it: does Audiobus have the ability to “bridge” to IAA?

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