midiSequencer SALE – Tony Saunders retro-inspired, but well featured, MIDI sequencer app at a bargain price

Download from iTunes App Storemidisequencer logoStyled on the analog sequencers of old, midiSequencer provides a step-based sequencing environment, with 16-steps where you can adjust pitch, velocity, gate, MIDI channel and a range of MIDI parameters over the 16 steps, all using some very retro-looking virtual faders. You also get tempo control, transpose functions, the ability to change the way a pattern steps through the sequence (there are some very flexible options here), add ornamentation and, of course, send your MIDI sequence out to a suitable synth app.

I originally reviewed midiSequencer back in January 2014 just after it was first released and it has received regular updates since then (including v.1.7 in September that added a significant enhancement of the MIDI control options) as developer Tony Saunders has continued to build on the feature set. A further update – v.1.8 – arrived at the start of October and added Audiobus 2 support (including State Saving) and MIDI Learn (most welcome!).

You can now vary parameters such as note probability on a per-step basis within midiSequencer.

You can now vary parameters such as note probability on a per-step basis within midiSequencer.

Then, v.1.9 – released just a few weeks ago – added a new MIDIFX IAP added some very interesting MIDI effects options and, for regular users of the app, was pretty much a no-brainer at UK£1.49, while a further update – v.1.10 – provided the ability to filer Notes, CCs and FX on both MIDI input and output and some improvements to the MIDI FX options. You can, for example, now vary the %probability, swing and humanise options on a per-step basis. And v.1.11 added a few extra features in January… phew! Are you keeping up?

And the reason for telling you all this now? Well, if you are a fan of classic hardware-based step sequencers, then midiSequencer brings a rather nice take on that vibe up-to-date in an app…. and, if you get in quick, you can catch the app while it is currently on SALE. Indeed, the current price – of just UK£2.29 and with both IAPs available for just UK£0.79 each – is the lowest price I think the app has ever been available for.  At such a ridiculously low price, it is hardly a high-risk strategy to give midiSequencer a try.

There are certain styles of music that just demand a step sequencer approach and, if you need a flexible, but easy to learn, tool for that on an iPad, then midiSequencer is well worth checking out.


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