Midimux updated – AppBC apply some tweaks to their MIDI over USB app for iOS and OSX

Download from iTunes App StoreMidimux logoI’ve looked at both Midimux and Audiomux from developer AppBC over the last couple of weeks. If you happen to also be an OSX-based music technology geek as well as an iOS user, these two apps provide a very simple, very cost-effective, means of getting both MIDI and audio data back and forth between your iPad (or iPhone/iPod Touch) and Mac computer. In terms of easy integration of your iOS music apps into your desktop system, this is a big step forward in convenience, particularly as the two apps can be used simultaneously.

App BC have already started that they have plans to bring new features to both apps and, while it doesn’t contain any headline new features, the first update to Midimux – taking the app to v.1.0.1 – has appeared on the App Store over the week-end.

Midimux - now with a very minimalist white look :-)

Midimux – now with a very minimalist white look :-)

The main items on the App Store description refer to various bug fixes (always welcome) so this should reduce the possibility of technical issues for users (although, in my own testing, and in subsequent use, the app was already behaving very well). However, existing users should note that there is also an updated version of the OSX server software available from the AppBC website. This should be downloaded and installed to go with the iOS update.

The other obvious change is a graphical one; the user interface of Midimux has been tweaked to more closely match the design found in Audiomux. The display is now a very cool and minimalist white…

Midimux is already brilliant and, if you are using both iOS and OSX for your music making, Midimux and Audiomux are well worth exploring. While I’m currently an iOS/OSX user, I sincerely hope this technology gets ported to the Windows platform because I’m sure a lot of iOS/Windows users would be just as happy to snap it up.



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