Midiflow apps updated – Audiobus 3 MIDI utility apps from Johannes Doerr get iOS11 support

Download from iTunes App Store One of the key new features included within Audiobus 3 was MIDI routing; as with the audio routing options that Audiobus originally made its name with, the new version also allows you to route MIDI data between sources and destinations. This is a cool new feature and I’m sure is helping a lot of iOS musicians to make a little bit more sense of these ‘virtual’ MIDI connections.

However, launched at the same time was a suite of MIDI utility apps from developer Johannes Doerr. Johannes is the developer behind Midiflow which I’ve reviewed previously here on the Music App Blog. It’s a very useful general MIDI utility and has had regular use here at Music App Blog HQ over the years. These newer apps offer the same sorts of utility functions but each is targeted at a specific task and all are designed for specific use within Audiobus 3 which acts as a host for them.

Midiflow Keyboard provides a flexible virtual MIDI keyboard for use within Audiobus 3.

The functions of each app are pretty obvious from their names. Keyboard provides a generic, but flexible, virtual keyboard for use within AB3. Motion allows you to use the motion sensing capabilities of your iOS device to generate MIDI data of various types. Splitter allows you to construct keyboard splits to send MIDI data to multiple different MIDI channels/apps from a single keyboard (this will be useful for live performers). Limiter allows you to adjust the MIDI velocity response of incoming MIDI data.

Midiflow Scales allows you to design custom scales to limit MIDI note data to the required key/scale.

Scales provides the same sort of dedicated key/scale limiting options for incoming MIDI data rather like that features on some app’s virtual MIDI keyboards., Randomiser allows you to add (yep!) random elements to MIDI data in various ways and can either generate mad notes data or just add some subtle ‘human’ elements to velocity/timing. Transposer…. well, allows you to transpose MIDI data. Monitor allows you to see all the MIDI data passing through it….  obviously useful if you are trying to fault-find your MIDI routing or check on a CC number being transmitted (for example). Adapter provides a means of working with apps that do not yet support Audiobus MIDI routing in their own right.

What to be able to split your MIDI keyboard data? Now you can….

All the apps have ‘Midiflow’ as part of their titles….  Midiflow Monitor, Midiflow Keyboard, etc. and it is easy to see how they can all be very useful if you like to work with more complex combinations of iOS music apps within Audiobus and perhaps have multiple external MIDI controllers for use with your iOS music rig.

Anyway, all the apps have been updated today on the App Store. The update is the same in all cases and brings ‘fixes for iOS11’. Again, if you are brave enough to update to iOS11 as soon as it appears, then at least the Midiflow series of apps will be there with you (even if – perhaps – some of the apps you might want to connect with via the Midiflow apps are not). I suspect we are going to see a pretty brisk music app update rate over the next week to three….  Watch this space….

MIDI Monitor allows you to see the MIDI data being passed through it….

Individual apps are priced at UK£1.99/US$1.99 or UK£2.99/US$2.99 and require iOS10.2 and Audiobus 3. However, if you want to buy them all, there are also two bundles that will save you some cash. Midiflow Key effects includes Scales and Spliter for UK£3.99/US$3.99, while Midiflow for Audiobus 3 contains the six other apps for UK£8.99/US$8.99. Check out the demo videos below and hit the download buttons to find out more via the App Store. Incidentally, if you follow any of the individual app links below, you will soon find the bundle offers on the App Store also….

Midiflow Keyboard

Download from iTunes App Store

Midiflow Motion

Download from iTunes App Store

Midiflow Splitter

Download from iTunes App Store

Midiflow Limiter

Download from iTunes App Store

Midiflow Scales

Download from iTunes App Store

Midiflow Randomiser

Download from iTunes App Store

Midiflow Transposer

Download from iTunes App Store

Midiflow Monitor

Download from iTunes App Store

Midiflow Adapter

Download from iTunes App Store

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