midiFILTr-PG launched – interesting iOS MIDI ‘randomiser’ from Art Kerns

Download from iTunes App Store Art Kerns will be well known to regular iOS music apps users through his excellent midiSTEPsmidiLFOs and Funkbox, all of which I’ve reviewed here on the Music App Blog in the past. Art has a couple of other iOS music apps on the App Store in what’s becoming a bit of a series – the mididFILTr apps – thet first two of which were aimed at Volca FM and Volca sample users.

However, a third app in this series has arrived on the App Store today – midiFILTr-PG – and this might have a somewhat broader appeal. The ‘PG” bit stands for Probability Gate MIDI Effect and, before your head explodes in a ‘what?!?’ sort of a moment, the app’s underlying principle is actually quite simple; it sits in a MIDI data flow and can apply some semi-random changes to the MIDI note data passing through it.

midiFILTr-PG in action within Audiobus 3.

The obvious example might be a MIDI signal path where an arpeggiator send MIDI notes data out, midiFILTr applies some variations to the arpeggiator pattern, and the result is then sent on to a synth. As midiFILTr-PG’s variations are constantly changing (based upon some probability settings the user can control within the app), your arp pattern gets some gentle variations applied to it that change with time….  no more boring ‘it’s always the same’ arp; instead you get as little (or as much) variation as your music requires for added interest.

The app offers a Gate mode…..

The app is designed to be used as a MIDI effect within the new MIDI routing options within Audiobus 3 (and that’s where I’ve done my brief testing this morning) but it can also be used stand-alone if you source and target apps have enough flexibility in terms of their MIDI input/output settings. Anyway, having given it a quick spin within Audiobus 3, it works well and is really a lot of fun.

… a Note mode….

As can be seen from the screenshots, the note data can be adjusted in three different modes – Gate, Note and Seq (as well as Thru which simply adds as a bypass option) – each of which applies the probability changes in a different fashion. With some basic arp patterns supplied by StepPolyArp, I was easily able to create some really interesting changes via midiFILTr with a minimum of effort….   it’s a cool little MIDI utility.

… and a Seq mode…. each of which can apply different types of adjustments to your incoming MIDI note data.

Anyway, midiFILTr-PG is priced at a pocket-money grabbing UK£2.99/US$2.99, requires iOS10.2 or later, is universal and is a tiny 2.6MB download. If you use a suitable arpeggiator or pattern generator app, you really could have a lot of fun by adding midiFILTr-PG into the signal path…..   I’ve not seen a demo video as yet but, when I do, I’ll add it here….  Until then, simply hit the download button to find out moire via the App Store.


Download from iTunes App Store
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    1. Great to see the MIDI effect suddenly take off in IOS. This one is a no brainer for me. Interesting to see how it can add some much needed variation to Chord Flow arpeggios and others. Nice surprise at a great time – looking forward to a lot fun in the coming weekend!

    2. Isn’t this the same function as in MF Randomizer?!

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