MIDI Designer Pro update – Confusion Studio’s DIY MIDI design tool gets further refinements

Download from iTunes App StoreMIDI Designer pro 2 logo 1Developer Confusion Studios are one third of the team that, not so long ago, bought us the excellent Music IO utility app. However, they also have a further utility app for the MIDI geek that has been around the App Store for considerably longer; MIDI Designer Pro.

If you like the idea of customising and building your own MIDI control surfaces using your iPads touchscreen interface, then MIDI Designer Pro is going to be right up your street. I reviewed the app some time ago and was very impressed with just how powerful this iOS music app utility was for the more geeky and experimental music maker.

MIDI Designer Pro 2 - new look and new features.... but still a very powerful DIY MIDI control design tool.

MIDI Designer Pro 2 – v.2 bought a new look and new features…. but still a very powerful DIY MIDI control design tool.

There have been a number of updates since then that have added other new features – multi-line labels for more controls, page and bank jump buttons, improvements in the gridlines when arranging your controls, new Send All and Reset to Defaults button types as well as the usual collection of further optimisations and minor fixes.

The graphical elements of the app have been redesigned including a new 'home' screen as shown here.

The graphical elements of the app have been redesigned including a new ‘home’ screen as shown here.

A more substantial update has hit the App Store back in June taking the app to v.2.0. The new version is a free upgrade for existing users, is a 45MB download, requires iOS9.2 or later and is universal. The standard price is UK£18.99/US$24.99 so, by iOS music app standards, it is not perhaps a casual purchase. It is, however, a very powerful tool for those looking to design their own MIDI control surfaces so ‘causal purchase’ probably isn’t the right reason for buying into MIDI Designer Pro in the first place…..

Options for sharing designs have also been enhanced.

Options for sharing designs have also been enhanced in v.2.

Aside from the rather smart new logo, v.2.0 brought a fairly major visual overhaul that is intended to provide a more attractive, but also more functional, working environment. This has been quickly followed by a number further ‘point’ updates, the latest of which – v.2.4.0 – hit the App Store a couple of days ago. This brings a number of fixes and minor changes. For example, improvements have been made for outbound MIDI connections over Wi-Fi for iOS10 users. In addition, a new single-level design-mode ‘undo’ option has been added. The file save/load process has also been improved and a couple of minor graphical tweaks have been made to improve the toolbars on the iPhone and to allow the status bar to be viewed in config mode.

If you haven’t read the original review of MIDI Designer Pro then take a look as it will give you an overview of what the app is about. It might not be an app for everyone but, even at the current asking price of UK£18.99/US$24.99, the design tools are very deep and powerful, so this is a MIDI design tool that will easily earn its keep. It does require a little initial work to find your way around but it is an app packed with interesting features. If you like to get right into the detail of your MIDI control, MIDI Designer Pro is a powerful option….

MIDI Designer Pro

If you want a walkthrough of MIDI Designer’s key features (based on v.1.6) then the developers have provided a video tutorial that’s well worth a look.

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