microTERA update – VirSyn continue their round of iOS music app updates

Download from iTunes App Storemicrotera logoVirSyn will be well known to most iOS musicians as they have a number of excellent apps available via the iTunes App Store. These includes some great effects apps such as AudioReverb and AudioEffX but VirSyn are probably best know for the their virtual synthesisers, both on the desktop and, over recent years, under iOS.

Two of their iPad-based synths that I’ve reviewed previously on the blog are microTERA and Cube Synth. As I mentioned last week, Cube Synth has just been updated after a period of relative inactivity. This was great to see as this is a very capable synth.

microTERA – another very capable iOS synth from VirSyn.

The Cube Synth update was very much of a technical nature, bringing the app up-to-date in some some regards with changes in iOS itself, the most notable element of this being 64-bit support. And, today, an identical update to microTERA has arrived on the App Store. Yes, AU support would be great to see in all the VirSyn synth – and Addictive Pro has demonstrated brilliantly that VirSyn are more than capable of delivering AU support in their more complex synths if they feel the development costs can be recouped – but it is also welcome that VirSyn are doing some future-proofing to the key items in their catalogue and without charge to existing users.

As with many VirSyn synths, you also get an excellent arpeggiator function within the app.

As with the Cube Synth update, this microTERA update also brings Bluetooth audio support, an expanded set of export options and Ableton Link support. All, obviously, welcome :-)

In terms of sound, VirSyn produces synth engines that are just a bit different but all their synth apps have plenty to offer whatever genres of music you like to work within. microTERA is currently selling for UK£9.99/US$9.99 and is yet another example of quite how much value the App Store has to offer the iOS-based musician.


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