Meteor update – 4Pockets tweak their iOS audio+MIDI recording app

Download from iTunes App Storemeteor-logo-2It must be ‘DAW/sequencer week’ this week on the Music App Blog. Yesterday I reviewed Audio Evolution Mobile Studio and reported that Gadget is soon to get the long-awaited audio recording feature (turning it into a DAW/sequencer)….  while today we see updates to both Meteor Multitrack Recorder and Auria Pro.

While apps such as Auria Pro, Cubasis and Garageband (and, yes, soon Gadget) perhaps get the headlines when it comes to recording under iOS, there are a number of other contenders that are well worth considering. If you want both audio and MIDI recording within a single app, one of the other obvious choices is Meteor Multitrack Recorder by developer 4Pockets.

I did a full review of v.1.5 of Meteor back in March 2013 so, if you are not familiar with the basic operation of the app, that would be worth a skim through. With an initial price of UK£19.99/US$19.99 for the app, and (like Auria Pro) a large selection of add-on features available via IAPs, Meteor comes with a well-featured specification and can be expanded to include plenty of additional options as your needs grow. I suspect most people would see the Virtual Instrument Pack + MIDI Editor (UK£14.99/US$14.99) as an essential IAP purchase to fully exploit the app and there are a number of further useful IAPs available.

Meteor offers a fairly conventional - and workman-like - take on the DAW/sequencer environment....

Meteor offers a fairly conventional – and workman-like – take on the DAW/sequencer environment….

For a while after I did my initial review, Meteor had regular updates (for example, adding Audiobus and IAA support), however, between December 2014 and September 2016, nothing much happened…  a pretty long time in iOS music technology terms. However, v.2.20 did eventually arrive and, while more evolutionary rather than revolutionary given the nearly 2 year pause but will undoubtedly be welcomed by existing users. The update brings 64-bit support to the app (it now requires iOS8.1, is a 130MB download and is still iPad-only) and also fixes a number of bugs. These include an issue with MIDI output selection in the MIDI Editor and some fine-tuning of the online shop performance. Amongst a few other changes, the optional video import ISP has also been improved for better performance.

The app includes a solid mixing environment.

The app includes a solid mixing environment.

Anyway, a further minor update – v.2.21 – appeared on the App Store yesterday. This simply brings an update to the DropBox SDK to ensure smooth import/export of data from Meteor….  It is, however, good to see more regular development activity happening again.

There are a range of IAPs available to add to the core feature set of the base app.

There are a range of IAPs available to add to the core feature set of the base app.

As a Cubase user of the desktop, I’m obviously a Cubasis fan on iOS. However, if Cubasis doesn’t crank your particular handle, Meteor is most certainly well worth considering. It is a very capable – and quite deep – app, especially if you opt for some of the additional features available via IAP. There are a few things about the interface and workflow that require some familiarisation with when you first start but, once you are over that hump, there are a lot of very interesting features to uncover.

It will be interesting to see if this is the start of a bit more activity from 4Pockets with the app….  and the obvious feature that most DAW/sequencers users would now like to see added is support for AU plugins. If that’s forthcoming then it would certainly broaden the appeal of the app….   Anyway, if you are still searching for your ideal iOS DAW/sequencer, and you are not worried about following the crowd, then 4Pockets Meteor is well worth a look.

Meteor Multitrack Recorder

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