Mersenne updated – iceWorks add AU support and sale pricing for their iOS FM synth

Download from iTunes App StoreMersenne logo 1There are, of course, no shortages of iOS music apps that offer virtual synthesis and we are blessed with some fabulous synth apps that run under iOS. Slightly left-of-centre options amongst this lot include the various offerings by iceWorks (iceGear) and include the likes of  Lorentz, Laplace and, more recently, Redshrike.

The list also includes Mersenne which I reviewed some 15 months or so ago when it was first released. The synth engine offers two FM-based sound sources (Tone A and Tone B) plus a noise generator and all three can be blended ‘dry’ as required as well as being passed to the Resonator section. An effects section is then applied to the global output. Anyway, I was impressed when first reviewing the app; it’s a capable and characterful synth at a pretty modest cost (usually UK£7.99/US$7.99).

Mersenne – iceWorks take on FM synthesis with a few left-of-centre sonic twists :-)

Anyway, iceWorks have been busy adding AU support to their various apps and, thankfully, Mersenne has now bubbled to the top of the ‘to do’ list for this addition. As such, v.2.0.0 appeared on the App Store yesterday. The app is now universal, and Audiobus State Saving has also been added. Import/export of presets has been refined, the MIDI support is improved (including support for Bluetooth MIDI), the arpeggiator (which is excellent) now has a ‘swing’ parameter and the Noise generator has new options.

The AU support seems to be very well implemented… as shown here within Cubasis.

Of course, the highlight change is the addition of AU support and, having given this a brief run through this morning using both Cubasis and AUM, it seems to be working very well indeed. I had no problems running multiple instances of the app and the left/right swipeable UI (so you can get at all the synth engine controls) is brilliantly executed….  and maybe a good model for other developers to follow if their apps have complex control sets that don’t easily fit into an AU windows.

A full production via iceGear synths and all running as AU plugins within AUM :-)

Mersenne might not be a synth I would turn to every day for my own music making but, if your musical tastes tend towards the more reflective and moody, then Mersenne will certainly appeal. Of course, if you are quick, you can also pick up a copy at a discounted price; even at full price it is good value but as it is currently on sale for just UK£5.99/US$5.99, whether you find Mersenne gets regular use or not, this is an interesting sound source to have around for a pocket money price.

Check out the original full Mersenne review for more details on the app, the preview video below for a quick tour and audio demo…. and then hit the Download button to find out more via the App Store…..


Download from iTunes App Store

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