Master Record updated – new features in v.2.0 from Igor Vasiliev

Download from iTunes App Storemasterrecord logoRegular readers here will be familiar with Igor Vasiliev’s effects processors for iOS and know that I’m a bit of a fan; Igor makes solid, feature packed apps, with a straightforward interface…  and they are also very keenly priced.

Today has seen the arrival of v.2.0 for Master Record (UK£1.99) on the App Store. You can read the original review of Master Record here but the app – which allows you to add a little bit of analog-style tape emulation (and other types of analog ‘warmth’) to your digital recordings – had already been updated a few weeks ago to provide support for iOS8 and the most recent Audiobus SDK.

Master Record v.2.0; add some analog-style warmth to your audio.

Master Record v.2.0; add some analog-style warmth to your audio.

The new v.2.0 release brings some new features , For example, you can can have both the playback and recording features of the app functioning at the same time. The user interface has a few tweaks to improve workflow and, depending upon your personal take on colour schemes, there are some new ones to pick from (including the rather fetching blue scheme shown in the screenshot). File format and sample rate conversion features are also added. The other key new feature is a noise gate. This will be particularly useful if you are using the app via Audiobus or IAA to process audio as part of a recording project and want to keep things as clean as possible when there is no signal present.

MasterRecord is an excellent tool to have at your disposal and, while it’s processing might not be as dramatic as some other effect-type apps, that’s exactly what’s intended; a subtle – but highly flexible – dose of analog-style warmth in an very easy-to-use format. And whether it’s for use with existing files or to process live recording via Audiobus on its way into your DAW, or as a post-recording processor via IAA, the results are very good indeed.

I’ve reviewed all of Igor’s audio processing apps here on the blog – Audio Mastering, Master FX, AltiSpace and Master Record – and I suspect many die-hard iOS music app collectors own all of them already. If you don’t, then check out the original reviews linked here as see what you might be missing. Each does a very specific job, does it with a minimum of fuss and at what is typical of the insanely cheap pricing model of the App Store. Master Record is currently priced at UK£1.99 (which is, frankly, just a bit silly considering how good it is at what it does) and comes highly recommended.

Master Record

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