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Download from iTunes App Store mapping tonal harmony pro logoI’ve looked at a good number of iOS music apps that could broadly fall into the ‘utility‘ category here on the Music App Blog. These might not have the instant ‘buy me!’ appeal of some of the more glamorous synths, drum machine or guitar rig modellers but, in their own way, they are just as much an integral part of what makes iOS such a great – and versatile -platform for musicians.

A number of these utility apps are educational in nature. For example, I’ve looked at a few different vocal training tools such as VocalizeU, Singers Studio and VoiceXTrain. However, almost whatever instrument you choose, or whatever aspect of music theory or technology you want to learn about…. well…  there is an app for that.

Mapping Tonal Harmony pro - now with native support for the larger iPad Pro screen.

Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro – looks great on the larger iPad Pro screen.

And if it comes to music theory – and, in particular, harmonic structure – then one app that might be of interest is Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro. The app has been around on the App Store for a few years and has had numerous updates to keep things up-to-date and add new features. My grasp of music theory is, at best, a bit shaky and I’ve only really scratched the surface of what Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro has to offer but this is a deep app that, for the more serious student, could really help open your eyes (and ears) to how harmony works. If you are into four chord rock songs, this might not be your cup of tea…  but for those with a leaning towards more classical styles or jazz, I suspect there is plenty you could dig into hear and a lot of quite sophisticated harmonic structures and concepts that are explained.

Anyway, if the app sounds like it might appeal to the inner music theory student in you, then today is the day to do something about it. The app is usually priced at UK£11.99/US$11.99 but, if you are quick off the mark (I think it is for today only), then you can pick up a copy for just UK£5.99/US$5.99; 50% off the usual price. Bargain!

The app requires an iPad and also iOS9.0 or later. If you are a serious student of music theory and want an equally serious app to explore some of that material through as a complement to whatever other studies you might be involved with, then Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro is most certainly worth a look.

Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro

Download from iTunes App Store

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