Magellan update – Yonac update their iPad synth with Ableton Link support

Download from iTunes App StoreMagellan logoYonac’s Magellan synth has been around on the iTunes App Store for a long time – it was released back in August 2012 – and, while it was one of the first iOS music apps that I purchased for my iPad, much to my shame, I’ve never got around to reviewing it for the Music App Blog (although I have reviewed Yonac’s ToneStack and Steel Guitar apps, both of which are rather good).

Magellan is a bit of a classic in iOS music app terms and, graphically, it has the vibe of an retro analog hardware synth. It is certainly capable of making some great sounds and, as well as a synth engine (well, two independent synth engines, actually) with a total of 6 oscillators, PW modulation, ring modulation, noise generation, an FM module, modulation options an arpeggiator and a whole bunch of effects options, it is a both highly programmable but not (overly) intimidating to the novice user.

And, at UK£10.99/US$13.99 for the iPad version (and a Magellan Jr version available for the iPhone at UK£3.99/US$4.99), it packs a lot of features in for a pretty modest price. Requiring iOS8 on the iPad and a fairly modest 45MB download, it ought to slot quite nicely onto even the most well-stocked of synth-head’s iPads :-)

Yay – Magellan now includes support for Ableton Link.

Anyway, as of yesterday, v.4 is available in the iTunes App Store. This is the first update to the app since v.3.2 was released around 15 months ago. Regular users will, therefore, be glad to see that development is still continuing but, for potential new users, this update is also welcome as the main additions are all about ensuring Magellan stays up-to-date with iOS music app technology; the headline feature is that the app is support for Ableton Link.

Aside from a few other bugfix-style changes, I suspect there are also refinements under the hood for smooth passage with iOS10. And, having given the update a run out via AUM (using IAA mode) this morning, Magellan ran very smoothly and had no issues following tempo set by other apps via Ableton Link within my project.

Magellan sync’ed with Patterning via Ableton Link without any issues.

With a collection of over 300 presets, comprehensive MIDI features (including MIDI learn) and a powerful and flexible sound creation system, Magellan is well worth a place in any iOS synth fan’s collection. The latest update is reassuring that Yonac are keeping the app up-to-date in terms of the rapid changes with iOS technology for musicians.

If your inner synth app addict needs a fix, then Yonac’s flagship synth is most certainly worth giving a run out…. Highly recommended and a bit of an iOS classic to boot…


Download from iTunes App Store

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    1. Savage1969 says:

      FYI: now on sale for 80% off as of today and a new synth in the works. Quoting from a Yonac tweet earlier this morning “Magellan (and Jr) are on sale for a limited time! Also, we’re pleased to announce we are working on a new synth!”

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