Loopy HD update – more tweaks to Michael Tyson’s classic iOS looper app

Download from iTunes App StoreLoopy HD logoIt’s a bit of a quiet day in terms of iOS music app updates today but one of my personal longstanding favourite apps – Loopy HD – has received a minor refresh by developer Michael Tyson.

I’m not alone in being a bit of a Loopy fan. It  is a hugely popular app and works great on both iPad and iPhone. If you have been a regular here for a while you will also be familiar with developer Michael Tyson’s vblog over the last year or so about the development of the ‘next’ evolution of Loopy HD into Loopy Masterpiece. And, while we are still waiting for that new app to appear, it you visit the Loopy forum, Michael is obviously still working hard at it. Fingers crossed it will be with us soon :-)

Loopy HD - once you get into the 'looper' mindset, this is a brilliant tool for spontaneous music creation.

Loopy HD – once you get into the ‘looper’ mindset, this is a brilliant tool for spontaneous music creation.

Anyway, the original Loopy is obviously still getting some attention and v.1.6.2 brings a few bug fixes. This update also changes the way the app uses the iPhone’s microphones when you are not using the app with headphones in order to optimise the overall audio quality.

I first reviewed Loopy HD back in June 2013 and feel free to check out the original review as much of the operation process remains the same. However, Michael has regularly updated the app since then and at UK£3.99/US$4.99, I have no hesitation is saying Loopy HD is an absolute bargain. Yes, getting into the way loopers require you to work can take a bit of getting used to but, once you are over that initial hurdle, this is a liberating and very creative way to create musical ideas. Check out the video below or the clips from Jimmy Fallon’s US chat show that show the app in use to get a taste of what the fuss is about.

Loopy HD is a tiny download so should fit on even the most well-stocked iOS device and, as it’s universal app, it runs on both iPhone and iPad. If you don’t currently own a copy, then just pass on today’s high street coffee, hit ‘download’ and find out what you have been missing :-)

Loopy HD

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    1. Cuscolima says:

      I can’t hear anything anymore as soon as I add Loopy in Audiobus (input slop). Am I the only one out there?

    2. ConfusedKitten says:

      Hi Cuscolima, I checked and it seems fine but you might need to change your settings in loopy as they tend to default after an update! Plus make sure you selected your speaker or headphone socket as an output in AB as on my phone it didn’t do this by default. It’s been pretty quiet from Michael for a while (he’s probably really busy) but I wonder how his new loopy is going? :)

    3. Cuscolima says:

      Hi CK, yes the selection of the output did solve the issue, thanks a lot. I should have tried this before complaining here, but I am used to have straightforward process and loose some “reflexes”

    4. ConfusedKitten says:

      Glad it helped Cuscolima! :) it’s weird as Audiobus always used to select an output port but now it’s random instead, and it keeps catching me out too lol!

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