LoopTree update – further tweaks for Coding Cod’s colourful looper app

Download from iTunes App StoreLoopTree logoI reviewed LoopTree from Coding Cod back in July here on the Music App Blog and was very impressed with what the app has to offer and the approach to the looper process the app uses. While the launch pricing period is now over – the app is currently priced at UK£9.99 – LoopTree is a universal app that requires iOS7.0 or later. And, at 9MB it will squeeze onto even a tightly packed iOS device.

Coding Code have kept the updates coming since the original release and a further update  – v.1.1.6 – arrived on the App Store over the weekend bringing some further tweaks. While this update includes some maintenance-type stuff and bug fixes, there are a number of more obvious changes/additions also.

LoopTree - a looper app with some hidden depths.

LoopTree – a looper app with some hidden depths.

For example, support for multitasking under iOS9 has been improved and portrait orientation is now offered on the iPad. LoopTree now also has some sample rate conversion capabilities so those switching between 48kHz and 44.1kHz should find that not an issue with the app. If you are using a 3D Touch capable iOS device then LoopTree now has a number of actions that will respond to that. The other thing worth noting is that this is likely to be the last release that offers iOS7.0 support. The latest Audiobus SDK requires iOS8.o or later and LoopTree is going to follow that path on the next release.

I think the feature set of LoopTree is different enough from Loopy HD that dedicated loopers could easily justify owning both apps and, given the general state of the App Store pricing model, owning both is not such a big stretch. The creative options opened up by the loop layering feature are obvious and would, I’m sure, appeal to more experienced loopers. Equally, the simple, but effective, metronome starting point is going to appeal to looper novices.

Indeed, LoopTree has a bit of something for everyone…. and, if looping is your thing, or simply something that you think might become your thing, there is a lot to like about the app. Well worth a look up against the obvious competition.


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