Loopr update – looper app for iOS from Tristan Zand gets some tweaks

Download from iTunes App Storeloopr logoCreating live performances using loops recorded on the fly is quite an art form but you only have to witness a well-honed performance by a beatboxer or solo musician to realise the creative possibilities. Essentially, this involves recording loops as you go, playing back a first loop while you overdub a second, third or fourth (and so on) and then dropping loops in and out of the mix to build up your performance.

There is dedicated hardware available for doing this (Boss and Digitech make suitable examples) but there are also quite a number of ‘looper’ apps on the iTunes App Store. The most well established is Loopy HD, but there are other excellent contenders for your money including Voice Jam Studio, LooperSonic, LoopTree, Group The Loop, Ostinator and the excellent Quantiloop.

One further example is Tristian Zand’s Loopr Live Loop Composer app and I was impressed by the app – both in terms of features and price – when I originally reviewed Loopr back in late 2013. The app is currently priced at just UK£3.99/US$3.99, is a 57MB download and is universal.

Loopr - now with full iPad support.

Loopr – a quirky look but a very capable app with some neat features.

Like most looper-type apps, Loopr provides an environment where you can record loops, overdub new loops and then mix and match the playback of those loops in real-time to create a performance. While the obvious application of this is in a live performance context, the concept is also a very creative one when used for song creation or in the studio as all sorts of interesting ideas can pop out as you just allow yourself to experiment and improvise.

Anyway, the development team have maintained a steady stream of updates since the original release, most recently an update for iOS10 compatibility back in October. However, the app received a further update as v.1.2.7 arrived on the App Store yesterday. This is mainly a maintenance release but it does also add a metronome feature. For those of us still working on out looping skills, this is a very useful addition especially when getting that first loop down :-)

The app is certainly very capable and, while the slightly quirky interface requires a little time to find your way around (read the documentation a couple of times; it does help), the ‘phrase’ feature is a very neat idea, opening up the ability to switch between different loop sets (which could easily represent different ‘song’ sections) in real-time and in sync. Check out the original review as much of that is still relevant to the current version…..  and then also check out the various tutorial videos the development team have created on YouTube. It’s great to see time and effort being put into this kind of user support.

Loopr makes for an interesting comparison with other looper apps such as Loopy HD but, given the pricing of both apps (Loopr is just UK£3.99/US$3.99), then I suspect most people won’t actually have to make a choice; at this price, if you are interested in experimenting with looper-style composition and performance on your iPhone or iPad, then Loopr is well worth a look.

Loopr Live Loop Composer

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