Music App Blog news – Mobile Keys by Line 6

Line 6 have announced a new pair of MIDI keyboards that should be of interest to those making music on an iPhone, iPod or iPad – or indeed, if you also use a PC or Mac – as the Mobile Key 25 and Mobile Keys 49 both have connectivity options that allows you to use them with all these platforms. As the names suggest, the two keyboards feature 25 and 49 keys respectively and these are both full size and velocity sensitive. Both also feature pitch and mod wheels plus volume and pan knobs and buttons that allow transpose, MIDI channel, program change and velocity curve functions to be accessed. Jacks for sustain and expression pedals are also provided on the rear. In addition, standard USB for computer connection sits alongside a special connector for direct connection to your iDevice via the 30-pin dock connector (a 3ft cable is included).

Here in the U.K., we have seen the 25 priced at under £100, while the 49 can be found for around the £130 mark and both are available from all the major music retailers such as Gear 4 Music in the U.K. or zZounds in the U.S.A. Expect a full review on the Music App blog as and when we can get hold of one.



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