Limiter and Reverb FDN updated – Amazing Noises add AU support to their effects apps

Download from iTunes App StoreReverb - Feedback Delay Network logoI’ve reviewed a number of iOS music apps from Amazing Noises here on the Music App Blog including Reverb FDN, Dedalus, DubFilter and Limiter. All of these apps can do ‘subtle and/or conventional’ if you want them to but you get the impression that that is not really the primary intention – Amazing Noises seem to like their app to be pushed a bit harder than that :-)

Two of these – Limiter and Reverb FDN – were updated yesterday with an near identical set of changes. Both have had a few fixes applied but there are also new and refined features. For example, parameter behaviour when using the apps with an external controller has been tweaked to allow ‘pickup’ (the control only starts to change value as you go past its current value when moving an external control). In addition, both apps now offer sample rate setting options, a new bypass toggle switch, have updated Audiobus SDKs and improvements to the AudioPaste support.

Reverb FDN – running as an AU plugin within AUM….

However, the highlight addition is that both apps can now operate as AUv.3 plugins. Despite what are obviously still some technical limitations (at Apple’s end) with the iOS AU spec, it really does seem that the AU tide has turned. Anyway, as shown in the screenshot here, both Limiter and Reverb FDN seen very happy to function as AU plugins within AUM (or other AU hosts). And, of course, that also opens up the possibility of running multiple instances of each app within a single project.

Limiter now also included AU support….

You can read the original Limiter review here and for Reverb FDN here…. but, at UK£2.99/US$2.99 and UK£6.99/US$6.99 respectively, neither app is likely to break anyone’s bank. There are other ‘limiter’ and ‘reverb’ options out there, including those built into many of our favourite DAW apps, however Amazing Noises apps, with a very solid performance, do their primary function very well. Both are even more useful to have around with AU support and, given the developer involved, both would find a happy home in the iOS music app collections of any more experimental iOS musician. Check out the original reviews, watch the embedded demo videos below, and then head over to the App Store for more information….


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Reverb FDN

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