Layr update – Living Memory Software’s mega multi-timbral synth gets fixes and features

Download from iTunes App StoreIf you are an iOS music maker with a bit of a synth habit, then you will already be well aware of Living Memory’s iOS mega-synth Layr. The app was released in March and has been widely praised. I suspect is has also broken more than a few ‘I don’t need any more iOS synths’ promises that folks had made to themselves.

I reviewed the app on release here on the Music App Blog…. If you are unfamiliar with the app then do read the review as there are some underlying principles to get your head around before you can appreciate just how clever – and flexible – the design is. In short, however, the potential is obvious and, as the demo videos suggest, this is an app can deliver some hugely impressive sounds and has a great feature set.

Layr – this is a pretty deep synth constructed from fairly compact building blocks…. and it can create some great sounds.

Anyway, a further update appeared over the week-end taking the app to v.1.0.4. This comes with an impressive list of fixes and feature refinements. Fixes, however minor they might be in nature, are always welcome….  so a smoother operation will obviously result.

Ableton Link support allows Layr’s arpeggiator function to be tempo syn’ed with your other Link enabled apps.

In terms of new features, we get a new bank of presets, support for Ableton Link so the excellent arpeggiator feature can be locked to an external tempo, more control over MIDI routing and further options in terms of how external MIDI controllers are handled (there is a ‘pickup’ mode option). In addition, Audiobus 3 support is now included for both audio and MIDI routing.

Layr now has support for Audiobus 3 for both audio and MIDFI routing.

I think if you have an iOS synth habit, Layr is a very tempting proposition. The app requires iOS9.0 or later, is universal and seems to support all iOS hardware from the iPhone 5S/iPad Air/iPad mini 3 and upwards. It’s a 23MB download and, while priced at UK£19.99/US$19.99 – so above the more casual purchase price point – personally I still think it represents very good value for money. Feel free to read the full Layr review, check out the demo videos below, and then hit the App Store download button to find out more.


Download from iTunes App Store

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    1. I looked at this closely, but after seeing Tim Webb’s honest review where he struggled to get any nice sounds out of this when starting from scratch, I came to the conclusion that it’s one for those with trained expertise. Not the likes of me,

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