Layr giveaway – two copies of Living Memory Software’s mega multi-timbral synth app to be won

Download from iTunes App StoreIf you are an iOS music maker with a bit of a synth habit, then you will already be well aware of Living Memory’s new iOS mega-synth Layr. The app was released a couple of weeks ago and has been widely praised and, I suspect, helped to brake more than a few ‘I don’t need any more iOS synths’ promises that folks had made to themselves.

I reviewed the app a week or so ago here on the Music App Blog….  and, in short, the potential is obvious and, as the demo videos suggest, this is an app can deliver some hugely impressive sounds and has a great feature set.

Layr; a deep synth experience for iOS.

Anyway, Andy from Living Memory has very kindly provided me with two copies of the app to giveaway to readers here at the Music App Blog. As usual with the giveaways I run on the blog, the deal is simple; get your name in the hat and see if it gets pulled out.

You can enter the draw in one of two ways.

  • First, if you just want to enter this draw, then use the Contact Us page to leave your details before 10 pm (GMT) on Tuesday, 21st March, 2017 Make sure to enter ‘Layr’ in the message subject line.
  • Alternatively, if you want to get included in this – and every future app giveaway run on the site – then sign up for the Music App Blog email list before the deadline. All members of the list will automatically be entered in every draw. You can sign up here and, as a bonus for signing up, you also get a copy of the Music App Blog’s ‘25 iOS music apps to get you started‘ guide. And if you are already signed up for the email newsletter, then consider yourself entered :-)

As soon as I can organise after entries close, I’ll draw a suitable number of names at random from all those entered. I’ll then notify the lucky winners by email and include the details required to download your free copy. I’ll also post a list of the winners here. If you are one of the lucky ones, do make sure to download ASAP – iTunes Redeem Codes generally have a relatively short life span once they have been issued.

Layr’s feature set looks impressive… and there is plenty of potential for building rich and detailed sounds….

I think if you have an iOS synth habit, Layr is going to be very tempting indeed. The app requires iOS9.0 or later, is universal and seems to support all iOS hardware from the iPhone 5S/iPad Air/iPad mini 3 and upwards. It’s a 26MB download and launched at UK£19.99/US$19.99. Feel free to read the full Layr review, check out the demo videos below, and then hit the download button to find out more from the App Store…. Oh, and get your name in the hat :-)


Download from iTunes App Store

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    1. What are my odds? Just kidding. I know I’m one subscriber among a vast number of others. Letting the spirits of the internet know that I’d like to win this one is the sole (and completely silly) reason for this post.

    2. I’m not completely sold on this one yet, but I’m still very intrigued and interested.

      I saw the discchord demo and got the impression that crafting great sounds with LayR is not an easy task. But, I do like the level of control is appears to give.

      One aspect of LayR that I’ve yet seen to be fully explored, is it’s arpeggiator. To me, this is potentially a very powerful component of this app. Would love to see a demo that focussed solely on that portion.

      I like the Pants of Death guy’s demos and have bought several apps as a result of them. Would be cool if the dev of LayR wrangled a good demo from him.

      I haven’t bought the app yet, but I may eventually. If there were a sale, I’d be all over it. As it stands, I’ll stay interested on the fence for now.

      Great review of the app John. Thanks!

      • ConfusedKitten says:

        Hi Skip, thanks for your comments as it was good to hear your take on LayR pre-purchase, and if you ever have any questions regarding it as a new owner I’d be happy to help (though as you mentioned I’m definitely getting my head around it currently also)! ;) What I find however is that on the surface it’s not actually difficult to get up and running quickly in that the synth is really powerful and instantly fun to explore (once you learn where everything is) which is made easy thanks to the HUD overlay!

        However LayR is also as complicated as you want it to be, so it’s easy to go nuts out of curiosity as it won’t stop you doing so (and 256 synthesis layers is enough for any project)! In that sense it’s my own fault really as I tried to run before I could walk with it and later realised I hadn’t taken the time to fully understand the overall workflow (layers->instruments->performances and how these things interact) but that’s me I love to just dive in and see what happens (but I want to learn everything now properly)!

        You’ll be happy to know that the developer is planning to release further demos soon dealing with particular aspects of LayR’s workflow (including the arpeggiator/pattern maker etc) so I’ll be sure to mention it when they’re ready! I agree P.O.D (and his fellow STR creatives) are fantastic and there’s also excellent demos by Tom@SynthAnatomy too! I didn’t expect to buy another synth either but once I realised what its capable of it became a necessity; but I’m certainly looking forward to fully exploring it as it’s essentially a powerful workstation designed for live performance so there’s plenty to learn! :)

        • ConfusedKitten says:

          It’s become apparent that there’s no way to share a users ‘site’ on YouTube (under iOS) as the share buttons are all for specific videos rather than an actual ‘portal’ (Google’s brilliant design ethos)! As such, I’ve supplied a link to one of said videos (below) so you can check back regularly for new ones etc (or subscribe to the developers channel for notifications). Hope this helps! :)

      • ConfusedKitten says:

        Thanks for your help CK (said Skip)…

    3. ConfusedKitten says:

      Apparently ‘Zen’ thinks he’s really cleaver having multiple identities on the ‘musicAppBlog’ to increase his chances of winning free software….

      I guess some people don’t really have a level of ‘cheapness’ that’s too ‘cheap’ for them either.

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