Laplace update – resonator synth from developer iceGear follows Redshrike

Download from iTunes App Storelaplace logoThere are, of course, no shortages of iOS music apps that offer virtual synthesis and we are blessed with some fabulous synth apps that run on the iPad (and a number that also work in the more compact iPhone format)….

However, there are a number of very creditable alternatives to some of the more profile and well established competition and one such synth is Laplace, a resonator-based iOS synth app that I originally reviewed back in December 2014. iceGear/iceWorks have continued to developer their iOS music app catalogue and other notable apps include Mersenne and, more recently, Redshrike.

Laplace Resonator Synth from iceGear; distinctive sound and great user interface.

Laplace Resonator Synth from iceGear; distinctive sound and great user interface.

Laplace was originally an iPad-only app and, at a tiny download, so it could easily find a home on even the most well-stuffed of iOS devices. Audiobus and IAA support were included as was Core/virtual MIDI and the app includes a very straightforward MIDI Learn facility so you can easily connect any hardware controllers your MIDI keyboard might have to get hands-on (as opposed to touchscreen) control over the synth engine’s key parameters.

Alongside Redshrike, Laplace is now available as an AU plugin…..

Anyway, the app has received a significant update today with v.2.0.0 appearing on the App Store. And, as with the Redshrike update that appeared a few days ago, iceGear have bought a combination of two headline features; the app is now Universal and available as an AU plugin. These are not the only additions though. Support for Audiobus State Saving has been added, presets can now easily be shared, the arpeggiator function has had a swing parameter added, MIDI mapping has been improved for remote control/automation and support for Bluetooth MIDI is now included. That’s quite a list in a free update…..

I had no problems running multiple instances of the AU plugin version within AUM.

I’ve not had a lot of time as yet to explore all these changes but have given the AU support a quick run through. I had no problems getting Laplace to work as an AU plugin via Cubasis or AUM, including access to the preset system and running multiple instances. Here’s hoping iceGear’s other synth apps are going to get similar AU treatment….

Amongst a number of other additions, the Arpeggiator feature now includes a Swing parameter.

Laplace can be picked up for a very respectable price of UK£5.99/US$5.99. Even if you are a casual collector of iOS synths, this is hardly likely to break the bank. Laplace is brilliant value for money and, now with AU support, it is well worth a place in anyone’s iOS synth collection. Check out the original review here, the demo video below and then hit the App Store download button to find out more.


Download from iTunes App Store

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    1. As part of the MIDI learn improvements, you can now use the same CC to modulate more than one knob. For the physical model of a resonator, it’s a useful addition.

      As for making the app universal, maybe it’s an overall trend? Sure, it can be a challenge to jam everything into a tiny screen. (And some iOS developers of musicking apps say that the overwhelming majority of their sales are on iPad.) Still, when developers start taking the small- screened devices seriously, we might get an increase in iPhone use for musicking. After all, it’s a very compact package for something your could use without looking at the screen much. And it has 3D Touch, haptic feedback, and all the sensors to make for a neat controller (say, in AC Sabre and ThumbJam).

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