KRFT updated – Studio Amplify want you to get ‘sound inspired’ by their latest iOS music app

Download from iTunes App StoreIt’s a sign – and a good sign – of just how active iOS music app development is that for your humble blogger/app reviewer, it can be quite a challenge to keep up with the rate at which new music apps (even just the most interesting ones) are released. KRFT, from the Studio Amplify team, is just such an app. It was released as an iPhone-only app at the start of February and, while I was aware that an friendly version was on the way (and thought I’d wait before doing my review on that version), that arrived a week later (doh!) and I still haven’t quite got around to writing up a review.

KRFT – now with full iPad support – create your own performance interface for your music making.

However, I’m now glad I waited (er…  didn’t have the time!) a little longer as a further update appeared that delivered full support for the iPad…..  and, as I have now been spending some time with the app, I do promise to do a full review early next week. However, as the app is currently on a special discounted launch price – and than runs out over the week-end – I did think a quick heads-up might be in order if this is not an app that has crossed your horizon as yet…..  Let me explain….

Studio Amplify have a couple of other iOS musics in their catalogue and that I’ve looked at previously here on the blog; Jungulator and NOIZ. Both apps were perhaps aimed as much at non-musicians as those with traditional musical skills in that they allowed you to easily create musical ideas but based upon pre-existing musical content such as loops and drum samples.

KRFT includes pattern sequencing options and its own sound engine.

However, NOIZ was interesting for a further reason; the rather interesting ‘performance interface’ it used that allowed you to interact with this pre-made musical content. yes, you were still just triggering loops and apply some basic effects you the sounds, but it was a very cool approach and did, I’m sure, appeal to EDM producers whatever their formal musical training/skill level.

OK, so if the concept of NOIZ interface appealed, but you actually wanted to create your own musical content and trigger that instead, then KRFT – Studio Amplify’s latest release – might be more up your street. In this case, you get to program your own drum loops or synth parts and then build your own user interface to trigger them in real-time with effects option included that you can also control from your customised surface.

You can build your own performance interface for your compositions including adding effects options for real-time control.

The end result is really rather interesting. Indeed, perhaps the underlying concept – when it comes to the performance element anyway – is not a million miles away from a ‘DIY Launchpad’ where you have triggers for sounds and different triggers for effects….  except, in this case, you design the layout of those triggers yourself on a project-by-project basis.

Anyway, a full review will follow next week but this is a really interesting app and, the more I dig in, the more ‘m enjoying it…. And, if you think it might be something you would like to explore, then do snap it up over the week-end while the introductory pricing – just UK£2.99/US$2.99 – holds. Check out the demo videos below some examples of the app in action and then hit the download button for further details….


Download from iTunes App Store

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    1. downloaded this app yesterday and am very happy woth the preset sounds and the ui . very nice lots if fun too . the way i can edit the layout of the loops location instead of the usual 4×4

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