KRFT updated – Studio Amplify add MIDI support their latest iOS music app

Download from iTunes App StoreI played a bit of ‘review catch-up’ when I posted a review of KRFT from Studio Amplify a few weeks ago here on the Music App Blog. Studio Amplify have a couple of other iOS musics in their catalogue and that I’ve looked at previously here on the blog; Jungulator and NOIZ. Both apps were perhaps aimed as much at non-musicians as those with traditional musical skills in that they allowed you to easily create musical ideas but based upon pre-existing musical content such as loops and drum samples.

However, NOIZ was interesting for a further reason; the rather interesting ‘performance interface’ it used that allowed you to interact with this pre-made musical content. yes, you were still just triggering loops and apply some basic effects you the sounds, but it was a very cool approach and did, I’m sure, appeal to EDM producers whatever their formal musical training/skill level.

KRFT – DIY EDM performance interface design in an app.

With KRFT, Studio Amplify have taken that performance interface concept to another level as, in this case, you get to program your own drum loops or synth parts (the app includes its own collection of sounds for playback) and then actually build your own user interface to trigger them in real-time with effects options included that you can also control from your customised surface. Yes, you ‘craft’ your own set of triggers on a per-project basis and, unlike the earlier apps mentioned above, you also are responsible for writing the musical content in terms of sequencing drum and synth patterns.

The combination of these two features perhaps means KRFT is aimed at a slightly different audience than NOIZ – those with a bit more musical experience perhaps? – but it may well attract existing NOIZ users in looking to take their music creation efforts a little bit further. And, with the emphasis very much placed upon the design of the performance interface, this is obviously an app for those that like to ‘perform’, be that in a live context or within a studio as a means of improvising a complete musical piece build around a set of your own musical phrases and beats.

You can now select ‘MIDI” as an instrument type within KFRT…..

The end result is really rather interesting. Indeed, perhaps the underlying concept – when it comes to the performance element anyway – is not a million miles away from a ‘DIY Launchpad’ where you have triggers for sounds and different triggers for effects….  except, in this case, you design the layout of those triggers yourself on a project-by-project basis.

Anyway, Studio Amplify released the v.1.5.0 update for KRFT today. This brings an obvious highlight new feature; MIDI support. You now have the option for sending MIDI out from your KRFT projects to other iOS music apps or (with suitable MIDI hardware) to external MIDI devices. This MIDI data can be both note data (for example to get some sounds out of a synth) or MIDI CC data (e.g. to change a synths parameters).

…. and this then allows you to send MIDI data out to, for example, another iOS music app (as shown here for Poison-202).

I’ve not had a chance to fully explore what this new MIDI out feature set might offer but, in terms of doing the most obvious thing – routing the MIDI data from out of KRFT’s internal sounds out to another iOS synth instead – it is actually a pretty easy process. Interestingly, KRFT now also supports the new MIDI routing features within Audiobus 3 so there may be plenty of flexibility there in terms of what you can do with KRFT’s MIDI output.

While KRFT is an interesting app and would, I suspect, be fun for almost any iOS musician with a bent for electronic music styles to explore, there will be a sub-set of those EDM/iOS user base that will be particularly interested in giving KRFT a try simply because they like to ‘jam’ rather than think about music creation in the more ‘linear’ way a conventional DAW/sequencer functions. If that’s you, then KRFT is now priced at UK£9.99/US$9.99, which is 33% off the usual price for a limited time. It’s well worth a look and it’s great to see Studio Amplify developing the project further. Check out the demo videos below some examples of the app in action (including the new MIDI out functions which are explained in some detail) and then hit the download button for further information from the App Stores….


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    1. This is becoming a seriously good app. So many possibilities, and a dev who is truly interested in building it into something special. Midi out is fab. Midi in would also be useful, next update, and state saving for AudioBus,

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