Korg updates – iM1, Gadget and Module all given iOS9 compatibility tweaks

Download from iTunes App StoreiM1 logoKorg certainly made quite a splash with their iOS music apps in 2014. At the start of the year they released Gadget, their brilliant all-in-one electronic music production app, and have added extra ‘gadgets’ and other new features to it since. And, to cap off the year, we had Korg Module – probably the best sample-based virtual instrument now available for iOS – making its debut and demonstrating just how good an iPad can sound. Both of these app made my own personal ‘top ten iOS music apps of 2014‘ list amongst some very stiff competition. Both are class-acts.

Korg Gadget; my personal choice for 'app of the year 2014'.

Korg Gadget; my personal choice for ‘iOS music app of the year 2014’.

Korg are obviously not intending to take the foot of the iOS gas though and this year they have released the equally brilliant synth app; iM1. This is a virtual reproduction of Korg’s own classic M1 music workstation. Sounds from this hardware unit found their way into countless chart hits and, for a pretty modest sum, you can now have the essence of that sound in an iPad format and with a few added extras.

Korg's iM1 - looks and sounds very interesting.

Korg’s iM1 – looks and sounds very interesting.

With iOS9 arriving on the App Store yesterday, we can expect to see a continuation of the stream of iOS9 compatibility updates that have been arriving over the last few days. Korg have now joined that list with all three of their flagship iOS music apps getting updates this morning and each with an ‘iOS9 compatible’ tag line.


Korg Module - top-notch virtual instrument app for your iPad.

Korg Module – top-notch virtual instrument app for your iPad.

If you are looking for some classy iOS music apps to add to your collection, then do check out the original reviews of Gadget, Module, and iM1. They are all excellent and, while not the cheapest iOS music apps that you can buy, most certainly offer value for money. And now, of course, you also know they will work pretty smoothly with iOS9….

Korg iM1

Korg Module for iPad


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    1. Perhaps something is amiss in the AppStore? All three of my KORG apps (Module, iM1, Gadget) do not show in the app updates. However, the app descriptions each show the new versions, which are .1 above mine. (Gadget in AppStore is at V1.2.3 while mine is at V1.2.2).

      One bit of good news is that Gadget and iM1 both launched and worked on iOS9, and Module did as was reported…crashed on launch. I’m going to delete Module and reinstall to get the new version, since the other two worked, I’ll leave them for now.

      I wonder if anyone else has encountered the same?

      • Hi Toz… I picked up all three updates from the UK App Store this morning so, if they are not available in your territory, then that does suggest something a bit odd…. and hopefully soon resolved. All three apps seem to be working well a standalone apps under iOS9 on my iPad Air 1 test system. Good luck :-) Best wishes, John

    2. I also step this in AB forum, and found others had similar issues. Twenty minutes later and now I see a ton of app updates. AppStore was probably just slammed! All should be okay now.

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