Korg SALE – last few days for Korg’s mega iOS music app summer sale

Download from iTunes App Store gadget logoI posted a full review of the v.3.0 release of Gadget for iOS back in March here on the Music App Blog. The new audio recording support is impressive and the fact that many features new to v.3 were supplied to existing users as a free update was also an impressive gesture from Korg. The iOS update was, of course, timed to coincide with the release of Gadget for OSX.

A further Gadget update appeared recently taking the app to v.3.2.0. There was the usual round of fine-tuning to improve performance but the highlight of the update is some new presets – under the ‘Factory 2’ heading – for a number of the existing gadgets. It’s always fun to have new sounds to play with :-)

Zurich brings audio recording to Gadget… but in a very Gadget fashion….

Anyway, to celebrate both the Gadget update and the arrival of the summer holiday seasaon (here in the northern half of the planet anyway), Korg put a bunch of their iOS music apps ON SALE. For example, Gadget itself is 50% off the usual price and the IAP gadgets are also reduced in price by 50%. If you have been thinking of picking up a copy of the app, or stocking up on additional gadgets, then now is the time to do it. At just UK£19.99/US$19.99, Gadget is a heck of a buy.

Korg’s ARP ODYSSEi app is a stand-alone synth app… that then also appears as a Gadget gadget :-)

That’s not all though….  as a quick check on the App Store will also reveal that a good number of their other iOS music apps are also on sale including iM1, Module, ODYSSEi and iWaveStation. There are links below to the most obvious candidates if you want to check the current prices….  Anyway, that sale is in its last few days….  so I hope you have put some spare cash away for a Korg shaped summer treat? Just the thing for a bit of iPad music making on the beach :-)

iM1 – a brilliant recreation of Korg’s classic M1 synth.

Korg continue to impress with all their iOS music apps. If you are looking for some classy iOS music apps to add iPad, then do check out the original reviews of Gadget, Module, iM1, ARP ODYSSEi and iWaveStation. They are all excellent and, while not the cheapest iOS music apps that you can buy when at full price, they most certainly offer excellent value for money. When on sale, as many currently are, they are all absolute bargains….  The sale ends in a fews days so, if you want a bargain, you better get in their quick. Hit the App Store download buttons below to check out the discounted prices :-)


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Korg iM1

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Korg Module

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    1. Clever as Gadget is, everything ever made with it sounds like Gadget. That, and the closed garden policy, has me on the verge of deletion. I just don’t use the app anywhere near as much as I thought I would, and have never finished a track in it. Conversely, using Blocs Wave and Auria Pro, in combo with various FX and mastering apps, I get a lot done. Horses for courses, I suppose.

      • Hi Zen…. yep, definitely a case of horses for courses….. My first experiences of computer-based recording involved two different platforms; an ‘audio loop-based’ one via Acid and a more conventional ‘timeline-based MIDI sequencer’ one using Cubase/Logic. Gadget, with it’s ‘phrase-based’ approach to MIDI sequencing is different, albeit in a subtle way, and while I can appreciate its elegance, it’s something I find just a touch less like ‘home’. In my case, I’m pretty sure it’s just those early experiences that have shaped my preferences and inertia is hard to overcome…. but I suspect those who start out with something that uses the MIDI clip approach have exactly the same feeling when faced with a different sort of environment. Whatever works for the individual is good though….. Best wishes, John

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