Korg SALE still on – Korg’s mega iOS music apps still ON SALE including Gadget

Download from iTunes App Store gadget logoI posted a full review of the v.3.0 release of Gadget for iOS a couple of weeks ago here on the Music App Blog. The new audio recording support is impressive and the fact that many features new to v.3 were supplied to existing users as a free update was also an impressive gesture from Korg.


The iOS update was, of course, timed to co-incide with the release of Gadget for OSX. Yes, I promised a review of that also…  and it is coming (but first I’ve got to convince my wife that I’ve finished all the decorating that needs doing after some renovation works on out house; ooohh….  the glamour of keeping Music App Blog HQ is tip-top shape!)

Zurich brings audio recording to Gadget… but in a very Gadget fashion….

Anyway, to celebrate the arrival of the desktop version and the update to the iOS version, Korg put a bunch of their iOS music apps ON SALE. For example, Gadget itself is 50% off the usual price and many of the IAP gadgets are also reduced in price. If you have been thinking of picking up a copy of the app, then you can currently get it for just UK£19.99/US$19.99.

Korg’s ARP ODYSSEi app is a stand-alone synth app… that then also appears as a Gadget gadget :-)

That’s not all though….  as a quick check on the App Store will also reveal that a good number of their other iOS music apps are also on sale including iM1, Module, ODYSSEi and iWaveStation. There are links below to the most obvious candidates if you want to check the current prices….  Anyway, that sale is still ongoing over the easter period….  so I hope you have put some spare cash away for a Korg shaped treat?

iM1 – a brilliant recreation of Korg’s classic M1 synth.

Korg continue to impress with all their iOS music apps. If you are looking for some classy iOS music apps to add iPad, then do check out the original reviews of Gadget, Module, iM1, ARP ODYSSEi and iWaveStation. They are all excellent and, while not the cheapest iOS music apps that you can buy when at full price, they most certainly offer excellent value for money. When on sale, as many currently are, they are all absolute bargains….


Download from iTunes App Store

Korg iM1

Download from iTunes App Store

Korg Module

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Download from iTunes App Store


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    1. What gadget should I Buy now when it is bargain time!? I have the ARP ODYSSEi and Gladstone.
      Which of these should I buy?
      Korg iM1
      Korg Module

      • Difficult choice :-) They all sound great but do somewhat different jobs. iM1 is a pretty broad ranging synth, Module great for sample-based (real) sounds and iWaveStation interesting because of the sound engine and the way it can be used to layer sample-based sounds….. Might be more of a case of which suits your musical needs and/or styles? best wishes, John

      • Tmidiman says:

        As always it depends on what sounds are important to you. Since you have “real” drum sounds with Gladstone you might consider Madrid for electric and acoustic bass sounds. Korg Module would also fit the bill for “real” sounds, and remember there are also additional module sounds to purchase.

        Korg iM1 has some great classic M1 sounds and iWaveStation offers a very, very unique way to approach staging sounds for playback.

    2. I will be interested to see what you make of the Mac version of Gadget.

      I tried to go to the Korg “Gadget For Mac” site but it was down – overloaded perhaps?

      • Tmidiman says:

        Korg tweeted that the Korg Gadget purchasing site was overloaded and they are working to fix it ASAP.

        • Blimey! That’s interesting…. Here’s hoping they get things sorted asap… but it does suggest some considerable interest in the desktop version…. best wishes, John

      • I don’t get it. Why would you pay at least ten times the price of the iOS version for the same thing? It’s easy enough to integrate the iPad into your desktop workflow, thus leaving all that money for other purchases.

        • All iaps of all apps used in Gadget are included in the desktop version, except for ivory piano. The sale price right now for all of this on iOS comes to $195, if I did the math right. Wavestation/Milpitas is not included on the desktop version right now, but the Korg website says it will come in a future update. So the price between iOS and desktop is comparable right now at sale price. Full price on iOS might be close to $300 so that is comparable too.

    3. A beautiful update with new FREE gadgets and added AudioShare function makes this quite impressive.
      I too am looking forward to John’s take on the Mac version…I’m not a Mac owner but I’m interested to know how well it functions with keyboard and mouse.

    4. $299, there having a laugh surely. Yeah, if the gadgets were all AU too then it would add up to a lot of AUs but outside KG I doubt they would sell. They’re mostly single screen, simple affairs that would not stand up in the current sophisticated AU market.

    5. Hello! Is there any information about license policy? How many times can I install Gadget for Mac?
      There is no any informaton about it. Can I use it on my BYOD (well, MacBook) and home iMac?

      • Hi Dmitrii…. other might beat me too it but I will look into that as part of the review process…. best wishes, John

        • Thanks! It is very important question for me, as long as BYOD device is much stronger Mac and it is always with me. But for Legacy Collection — only 2 (two) installations are allowed.
          If they could sell it in AppStore there wouldn’t be any questions. But now I have doubts.

    6. I wish they had a demo for it, as it stands now, even 199$ seems cheap. Would love to be able to test the desktop version though. Ahh well, some other Korg iOS apps go for cheap :) Been waiting for that.


    7. Given how easily music flows with gadget I’d pay for the desktop but I don’t have a mac and I never will.

      • Using Windows for music production . ?
        I feel sorry for you…

        • Each to their own…. and as their needs and circumstances dictate…. I was, until a few years ago, a long-standing Windows-based musician and it worked on many levels (including one of my favourite all-time bits of software – Acid Pro – which I ‘lost’ when I moved to OSX). I’m based around iOS and OSX now but you most certainly pay a premium price for the hardware, albeit that, as a system (and in my experience at least), it has proved very stable, so I spent less time doing my own tech support than I used to…. Still, I’m about to review Mixcraft 8 for SOS and it’s Windows-only, so I still dip into that world :-) Best wishes, John

    8. Looks great, although I don’t know how to get the guitar one going. Do I need to actually play my guitar through it?
      The video looked fine until the end where I saw …”in collaboration with Alihoopa….” isn’t that what many people hate about Figure? Are we going to get this Allihoopa social sharing thing forced on us?

    9. I take it that no one posting has actually bought it yet?…I have….wish I hadn’t.
      The first thing that you notice is there is no update to the existing tutorial I.E concerning audio recording. The second unless I’m mistaken is there is no separate count in facility – if you want a count in then you’re stuck with the metronome throughout your recording.

      • I bought it, but took me a while since Korg Shop was totally “clogged up” for first few hours.
        Also since I have Korg Legacy Collection, I wasn’t initially sure if I really need it…
        Anyway, no regrets so far and considering that Gadgets also act as Au plugins, the actual price price made it no brainer purchase.
        Btw; According to Korg, NI NKS support is coming in the next release.

      • Hilarious. Your gadget plight is heartbreaking. On the other side of the coin – gadget is the only iOS app I can actually get tracks done from start to finish.

        I keep trying with cubasis but the old fashioned layout sucks all creativity and flow.

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