Korg Module launched – new high-quality IOS sound module hits the App Store with launch pricing

Download from iTunes App StoreKorg Module logoKorg already have an impressive array of iOS music apps available on the App Store. I use a number of these on a regular basis with Gadget perhaps being my favourite. However, they are all excellent and I’m also a big fan of the iMS-20 and iKaosillator.

Anyway, as Korg announced a week or so ago, their next iOS offering was to be Korg Module for iPad, a ‘sound module’ app that, initially at least, looks like it will focus of a particular range of keyboard sounds but do those at very high quality.

Well, as of today, Korg Module is available on the App Store. I haven’t had a chance to fully explore as yet but, when I have, I’ll post a full review. Initial impressions are very positive however. The app has launch pricing of UK£20.99 (US$29.99) but this 25% off price is for a limited time only so, if the app strikes a chord with you (doh!) then get in there quickly.

Korg Module; available on the App Store now.

Korg Module; available on the App Store now.

The initial release offers five modules featuring acoustic piano, electric piano, organ, clav and ‘multi’ (a range of sounds including strings, bass and synths). The specification includes Audiobus and IAA support – so you can use the app with other iOS music apps – but the modules will also appear as five ‘gadgets’ within Gadget.

Two further modules are available for purchase as IAPs within Gadget; Ivory Mobile Grand from Synthology and Korg’s own Wurley Electric Piano. Synthogy’s Ivory is one of the better sample-based acoustic piano virtual instruments available on the desktop and is highly respected for its sound quality and realism. To see it offered for an iPad (albeit in a ‘mobile’ edition) is therefore quite impressive. That IAP will usually cost you UK£20.99 but it is also available at a reduced price during the launch (33% off). The Wurly Electric Piano IAP is – for the launch period only – available free.

Do bear in mind, however, that this is iPad only, requires iOS8 of better and the base app is a 1.3GB download. It runs fine on an iPad Air 1 but I suspect you do want a fairly recent generation of iPad hardware to really get the best out of the app. Oh, and Gadget has received an update today – to v.1.1 – to accommodate the integration with Korg Module.

However, if you are looking for high quality keyboard sounds for your iOS music a collection then this does like it could become a bit of a ‘best in class’. Korg also suggest that there will be further sounds released via the IAP route. If you are keen to access some high-class keyboard sounds, then Korg Module at this launching pricing is a very tempting offer. If you are also already a Gadget user, then it is an even better bet. Full review to follow.

Korg Module for iPad






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    1. @John I purchased Module, updated Gadget. Installed the 6 new gadgets, this opens up Module and does some hokus pokus, then jumps back to Gadget. Now all 5 modules/gadgets are there with all the same presets as inthe Module app. However in iOS settings, I didn’t see an increase on Gadgets appsize. It was still around 500mb. I thought, ok Korg are probably using some new iOS 8 thing that allows Gadget to access Modules sample pool (and hence avoiding having double sample sets of everything).

      I then purchased the Ivory expansion, which shows up in the Piano module in Module. Also downloaded the free Wurley, which shows up in the electric piano module. I switched back to Gadget and opened the piano gadget (the black one), and the new Ivory presets were already presents there now, it didn’t have to install them from what I could see.

      Gadget still around 500mb in size. But then I looked at Module, and Module was also still at its initial size, 1,2gb. The Ivory and Wurley download should have increased the size by at least 2gb.

      Soooo…It would be totally awesome if you could get some answer from Korg on this. First, if the two apps are using the same sample pool, or if there are double sample sets of everything (a la Tabletop and the Akais). And second, why aren’t the appsizes changing (under iOS settings). As a user, when you install stuff and can’t keep track of what’s taking up space, especially in iOS, I get a bit…curious? :)

      Anyway, I just thought it was weird not seeing the downloaded data under iOS settings, that’s never happened before. And also curious if apps now, with iOS8.1 can use the same sample pool.

    2. *5 new gadgets

      • Hi Chris… Hmmm… that’s interesting. I’ll have a dig and see what I can turn up. Anyone else any ideas here? Best wishes, John

    3. I grabbed Module (it’s sweet!), and the free Wurley, but not the Ivory IAP, and it shows 1.2GB used…same as @ChrisG. I don’t have Gadget.

      That’s not an answer, but indicates that the IAP just turns on the features…which doesn’t seem right given that Ivory is a 3rd party sound source. Or, I just have no idea how this all works (most probable).

    4. Just a guess, but lack of file size increase suggests the IAPs are part of the initial download and just get unlocked after purchasing. I’ve seen this in other apps, although names escape me. But I thought I read that the Ivory set was a gig download on its own. If that’s the case, then the downloads are hiding somewhere. In the cloud? In a box with the Ark of the Covenant?

      As for Gadget, seems like Korg might have implemented some sort of backdoor to the Sample Pool, as you suggest.

      Really tempted to add all this new goodness to Gadget, but still have yet to pull the iOS 8 trigger …

    5. I noticed the same thing. However I’m getting severe audio drop outs on playback when an instrument/track is open, but everything runs fine in mixer view.

      This is on iPad Air 2 with 128gb of storage. Perhaps that third CPU core is problematic after all.

    6. Hi All, I have passed this enquiry on to my contact at Korg UK and he has, in turn, passed it on to the techie folk… I’ll let you know if I hear anything helpful back… best wishes, John

      • Thanks John, awesome! :)

        Btw, I just tried deleting Module. And got only 1.2gb back (as the appsize also indicated). So according to iOS the Ivory and Wurley downloads are still in there somewhere. I do still have Gadget installed, which shows up as ~500mb in size, it still has the Modules unlocked with the content and Ivory/Wurley downloads, after Module has been deleted. Really weird *scratches head*……*like a monkey*

        • Just a bit more info on this…

          I just reinstalled Module. And the Ivory expansion plus the Wurley were already in there, I didn’t have to re-download those. Which does suggest a central sample pool somewhere perhaps. I would love to delete both Gadget and Module, and see if I get those 2,5 GB (or whatever the IAP downloads were) back, but I gotta backup projects etc in Gadget first to do that.

          Oh well, hopefully the techie dude can shed some light on this mystery. :)

        • when you delete Module did the Ivory piano still -play- in Gadget?

    7. I didn’t imagine a 118MB download that took a few minutes for the Wurley samples. And I can see the Wurley files under Module using iExplorer in the Library directory tree. In fact, I see them twice (second set of files areunder a cache directory). The answer seems obvious here — the IAPs are not being counted in Apple’s usage reports, listings , etc. Maybe Apple skips cache directories and the “installed” files are symbolic or hard links to the files under the cache directory, so they are skipped. It must be nice to have so much bandwidth to not even notice the download time. All I have is DSL here in rural America.

      • Should have been a :/ after the bandwidth comment (I.e. was not trying to be spiteful).

        • Just completed the reinstall of both, and the amount of storage used dropped by a gig after the sample copy from Module to Gadget. So, as expected, the samples are being copied and for some reason Apple’s usage report does not count them. And the IAPs for Module behaves the same way. I do not see the files in iExplorer either. Also of interest, I cannot see the Wurley files under Module, so I wonder if they were moved to a protected are of the app after the copy to Gadget completed (mine was interrupted before).

          Makes me wonder how many others apps show up incorrectly in the Apple usage report.

        • Hi Russ… I definitely sat through the 2GB download for the Ivory IAP… so the data must be somewhere :-) Interesting how this is all managed though…. Best wishes, John

    8. I came here randomly via Google search because I thought I noticed a decrease in available space on my iPad2 after the latest Gadget update, thinking maybe the Module had something to do with it… The files being preloaded in the app or similar. Pretty sure Gadget takes more space after the latest update, maybe I’m wrong?

    9. Checked again, Version 1.1 was 342.3 mb, but that was before Bilbao and Abu Dhabi which both are sample based..

    10. Hi All… here is the reply I received from the techie folk at Korg re the sample storage. I’m not sure it goes in to a great deal of detail but hope it helps somewhat….

      “We’ve used a new iOS 8 technology called “app groups” to share sample libraries between apps. So, the data of both Ivory and Wurly are not doubled. The data is shared between Module and Gadget. You can save data size with this way. Only the initial sample data is currently doubled in each Module and Gadget for some technical reason.

      Under the iOS settings, Module or Gadget shows only the initial PCM size, so you cannot see the increased size by in-app purchase on each item. It depends on specification of iOS. However, the total size of iPad correctly shows the actual size including shared samples.”

      Best wishes, John

    11. Hi
      Just thought I’d ask if anyone is having trouble with importing PDFs into the Korg Module?
      ITunes isn’t showing the Module in my iPad Air 2 Apps..installer area…any help would be appreciated.

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