Korg Module for iPad announced – new high-quality iOS sound module app from the makers of Gadget

Korg Module 4Korg already have an impressive array of iOS music apps available on the App Store. I use a number of these on a regular basis with Gadget perhaps being my favourite. However, they are all excellent and I’m also a big fan of the iMS-20 and iKaosillator.

Anyway, if you are a fan of what Korg do then you will probably be very tempted by what will be their next iOS offering; Korg Module for iPad. This new app is apparently due to hit the App Store before the end of November and, as the name suggests, it is designed as a ‘sound module’. However, if you take a look at the specs, you will see this is not a ‘do it all’ virtual instrument. Instead, the app looks like it is going to focus of a particular range of sounds (initially at least) but do those at very high quality.

The initial release will offer five modules featuring acoustic piano, electric piano, organ, clav and ‘multi’ (apparently offering a range of sounds including strings, bass and synths). The specification includes Audiobus and IAA support – so you can use the app with other iOS music apps – but the modules will also appear as five ‘gadgets’ within Gadget (and I assume all usable at the same time although this is not stated explicitly as far as I can see on the website).

Korg Module; high quality piano and keyboard sounds coming to an App Store near you soon...

Korg Module; high quality piano and keyboard sounds coming to an App Store near you soon…

Two further modules will be available for purchase as IAPs within Gadget; Ivory Mobile Grand from Synthology and Korg’s own Wurley Electric Piano. Synthogy’s Ivory is one of the better sample-based acoustic piano virtual instruments available on the desktop and is highly respected for its sound quality and realism. To see it offered for an iPad (albeit in a ‘mobile’ edition and so likely to be somewhat streamlined) is therefore quite impressive.

Having listened to the various audio demos available on the Korg Module website, all of these instruments/sound modules sound impressive. In terms of piano and keyboard sounds already available for iOS, these will make a very interesting comparison to apps such as iGrand or iLectric.

Korg Module will appear within Gadget as five new 'gadgets'.

Korg Module will appear within Gadget as five new ‘gadgets’.

There is no indication of initial pricing as yet, either of the base app or the IAPs but, as Korg seem to be going for high-quality here, then it would seem reasonable to expect the app to be at the higher end of the iOS music app pricing spectrum.

There is some data on the size of the apps though… and as these are sample-based and aiming for high quality sound, it is hardly surprising that Korg are suggesting performance will be best of newer iPad hardware and that plenty of storage would be a good idea. The base app requires 1.2GB while the Synthogy Ivory Grand Mobile expansion requires a whopping (in iPad terms) 2GB. The Wurly expansion module is a more modest 120MB.

As soon as I can get hold of a copy of the new app then I’ll write up a full review. If you are looking for high quality keyboard sounds for your iOS music a collection then this does look very promising indeed. Let’s hope it is up to the standard of Korg’s other iOS music app, all of which have plenty to offer (feel free to dip back into the various original reviews for more details). More news on Korg Module for iPad as and when it becomes available….






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    1. The demo’s sound beautiful, can’t wait for this

      • Agreed… the demos do sound great…. lets hope it runs well enough on hardware other than the new Air 2 :-) Best wishes, John

    2. I keep saying everywhere :
      They should do the same integration to gadget with their other apps (iPolysix, iMS20, iElectribe…)
      They should add midi clock out to gadget and midi i/o to all of their apps..
      They should add an audio recorder and effects gadgets !!
      But I guess it’s on its way !!

    3. fantastic news, I’m loving Korg Gadget (and this blog :). I owned an early version of Ivory but when the licensing transitioned to dongle based I moved on. Glad to see it coming in Gadget.

      One thing I do notice in Gadget is fairly noticeable timing jitter when playing the touch screen keyboard. is this a known issue? I’ve experimented with the latency in settings but no matter what the timing is inconsistent.

    4. The Gadget sequencing environment is the slickest I’ve seen on iOS, and the ease of use is just incredible. Thanks for the sneak peek, John. I’m pleased by the prospect of future Korg stand alones tying into Gadget.

      • Hi Sean… I agree about the sequencing comment… Gadget is a joy to use…. and the new sound modules looks very promising if, I suspect, also requiring a relatively new iPad to get the best from it…. Best wishes, John

    5. Ladies and gentlemen, prepare your budgets! (For this app and upcoming holiday app sales).

      This is great news, just wish we knew the pricing. And agree the demos sound excellent. When I get this app it will be my first Korg app and by the looks of it, it may force me (in a good way) to get Gadget. I haven’t avoided Korg, just have not had a need for any of their apps….yet. But the times they are a changing, and so is my music.

    6. The third party aspect of this is really interesting. Korg could become the Native Instruments of iOS

      How about a Spectrasonics Atmosphere module :)

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