Klevgränd updates – tweaks made to a number of their iOS AU music app collection

Download from iTunes App StoreI’ve reviewed a number of iOS music apps from Klevgränd Produktion here on the blog over the last year or two – Vandelay, SquashitSvep, RoverbEnkl, WeeelKorvpressor, PressIt,  Esspresso, Jussi and Haaze for example. A number of these are also available in an AU plugin format for these working on an OSX desktop system and Klevgränd took a pretty bold step a few months ago when the also added AU support under iOS; it was great to see… and, in every case, I’ve been hugely impressed with the creative possibilities that these apps provide. In addition, the novel – and very streamlined – user interfaces are ideal for the AU format.

Jussi and others get a bit of a visual revamp… and a new preset system located top-right.

Klevgränd provided updates for a number of these apps during last week. For Tines, Jussi, Haaze and Pads, the updates provides pretty much the same features. So, for example, there were tweaks to improve the support of the apps for those using GarageBand under iOS10 as their AU host. Equally, the preset system in the apps had been re-worked (in some cases, adding presets for the first time) while in the instrument apps, the keyboard graphics had been fine-tuned for a better user experience.

The preset system now works in the stand-alone versions of the apps… as shown here for Tines.

Klevgränd make quirky software with a unique design philosophy. These tend to be music apps that focus on one single job  – maybe each is a bit of a one trick pony? – but they do that job well. Equally, they are all a doddle to use as the control set follows the KISS approach that Klevgränd generally adopt in their UIs. Anyway, check out the links above to find out more about all of these apps; clever, cute, easy to use and, with their AU-friendly format, great for the iOS music maker who wants to see that plugin format succeed.


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