JamUp Pro update – Positive Grid brings some tweaks to their original guitar rig modeller app

Download from iTunes App Storejamup pro new logoPositive Grid took a bit of flack from some of their user-base when they launched BIAS FX – which many JamUp Pro users saw as JamUp Pro v.2′ – as a new app. Some existing users were (a) concerned that their investment in JamUp Pro would eventually be lost because the app would not be maintained alongside BIAS FX, (b) that their IAP purchases in JamUp Pro would transfer across to BIAS FX and (c) that they were not provided with an ‘upgrade’ pricing structure to move across to BIAS FX as a reward for their loyalty to the brand.

There is no doubting that BIAS FX is a step up in terms of functionality and sound….  it brings new processing algorithms that are only possible because of better iOS hardware. However, I can (sort of) see some element of (c) above and a ‘complete my bundle’ offer might have been a nice touch for owners of JamUp Pro to ease them into the newer – and certainly improved – world of BIAS FX.

JamUp Pro's main user interface....

JamUp Pro’s main user interface….

If you were happy with JamUp Pro and it served your purposes, (a) might potentially have been an issue. However, BIAS FX has now been with us for 2 years and, with v.3.6.26 of JamUp Pro arriving on the App Store today, we have actually a steady stream of updates to JamUp since BIAS FX was released. The latest update is, of course, mostly about tweaks to ensure reliability and stability as iOS itself moves forwards but, tip the hat to PG when it’s deserved, they have kept to their word and kept JamUp alive and well for long-standing users.

JamUp Pro is, of course, still available for purchase via the App Store…  and while it is very welcome to see the software being maintained for existing users, I would certainly recommend that new users went down the BIAS FX route  – especially if they have access to newer iOS hardware on which to run it – if they wanted Positive Grid’s best take on this virtual guitar rig software.

JamUp Pro

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