JamUp Pro update – Positive Grid fix the IAP sync with BIAS FX

Download from iTunes App Storejamup pro new logoPositive Grid took a bit of flack from some of their user-base when they launched BIAS FX – which many JamUp Pro users saw as JamUp Pro v.2′ – as a new app. Some existing users were (a) concerned that their investment in JamUp Pro would eventually be lost because the app would not be maintained alongside BIAS FX, (b) that their IAP purchases in JamUp Pro would transfer across to BIAS FX and (c) that they were not provided with an ‘upgrade’ pricing structure to move across to BIAS FX as a reward for their loyalty to the brand.

As I posted last week, JamUp Pro received an update that provided some reassurances about (a) and was supposed to also deal with (b) for the Metal Signature Pack IAP that was added to BIAS FX recently. However, there were obviously still some gremlins in the system and lots of users actually had problems when trying to ‘sync’ their Metal Signature pack IAP from JamUp Pro within BIAS FX.

The IAP sync between JamUp Pro and BIAS FX for the Metal Signature Pack now seems to be working fine....

The IAP sync between JamUp Pro and BIAS FX for the Metal Signature Pack now seems to be working fine….

Thankfully, Positive Grid have managed to get a further update fast-tracked through the Apple approval system and that appeared on the App Store this morning. As you can see in the screenshot here, this has worked a treat at this end and I managed to ‘sync’ my Metal Signature Pack IAP purchased some time ago in JamUp Pro into BIAS FX without any difficulties.

It will be interesting to see if Positive Grid continue to invest in JamUp Pro and, in particular, whether they will ensure that the app continues to perform solidly as iOS itself is updated. However, so far at least, I think Positive Grid have done their duty in this regard and the app is still working just as well as before BIAS FX appeared. Long may that continue….    JamUp Pro is still available for purchase via the App Store…  and while it is very welcome to see the software being maintained for existing users, I would certainly recommend that new users went down the BIAS FX route  – especially if they have access to newer iOS hardware on which to run it – if they wanted Positive Grid’s best take on this virtual guitar rig software.

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    1. I am Synced’up. BiasFX is the ultimate guitar FX sim along with Bias Amp and Bias Pedal.

    2. I bought all access pack in jamup pro, but i cant sync in bias fx.

    3. Daniel Panto says:

      Like André I have the same problem. Even with the all access pack bought, in jamup pro it appears all the packs available to buy with the exception of the upgrade and the 8-track recorder. When I try to sync in bias fx it freezes the jamup pro… (I have an iPad Air). P.S. This don’t take of positive grid apps a ‘must have’ for every guitarist…

    4. I got the syncing to work with the latest update, and I now have the Metal Signature in Bias FX by means of sync to JamUp Pro.

    5. One issue I did notice since the last JamUp update on Jan. 26 was that now when I use an amp from BIAS amp and want to edit it, when I hit the icon to go to BIAS it comes up with a pop up telling me to buy BIAS which I already have. This is on an iPad with ios9. It worked perfect on the weekend, now it doesn’t. I also have BIAS FX which is really good stuff, but I’ve got so much stuff in JamUp that I use regularly I’m hesitant to dump it. I’m waiting for a response from Positive Grid…so far nothing.

    6. Daniel Panto says:

      The last update (who was today) manage to arrange the sync between JamUp Pro and Bias FX for those, like me, who had bought the all access pack in JamUp Pro… Now I’m happy! Very Happy!!! :)

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