JamUp Pro update – Positive Grid brings some tweaks to their original guitar rig modeller app

Download from iTunes App Storejamup pro new logoPositive Grid took a bit of flack from some of their user-base when they launched BIAS FX – which many JamUp Pro users saw as JamUp Pro v.2′ – as a new app. Some existing users were (a) concerned that their investment in JamUp Pro would eventually be lost because the app would not be maintained alongside BIAS FX, (b) that their IAP purchases in JamUp Pro would transfer across to BIAS FX and (c) that they were not provided with an ‘upgrade’ pricing structure to move across to BIAS FX as a reward for their loyalty to the brand.

There is no doubting that BIAS FX is a step up in terms of functionality and sound….  it brings new processing algorithms that are only possible because of better iOS hardware. However, I can (sort of) see some element of (c) above and a ‘complete my bundle’ offer might have been a nice touch for owners of JamUp Pro to ease them into the newer – and certainly improved – world of BIAS FX.

JamUp Pro's main user interface....

JamUp Pro’s main user interface….

If you were happy with JamUp Pro and it served your purposes, (a) might potentially have been an issue. However, BIAS FX has now been with us for 9 months and, with v.3.6.14 of JamUp Pro arriving on the App Store today, we have actually seen five updates to JamUp since BIAS FX was released. The latest update includes tweaks for improved DSP performance and an update to the Audiobus SDK…  so JamUp Pro is being kept in shape as iOS itself marches on.

As suggested a couple of weeks ago when BIAS FX itself was updated, this JamUp Pro update also brings one further feature; the ability to effectively transfer the purchase of the Metal Signature Pack IAP in JamUp Pro over to BIAS FX (although the pack is actually completely re-worked for BIAS FX so you are really getting an updated version of it) free of charge. I think this is a welcome development and I’m sure those JamUp Pro users who have moved over to BIAS FX will be happy to see some of their IAP investment now able to come with them at no extra cost. I’ve attempted this ‘sync’ process myself this morning but, so far at least, I don’t seem to have been able to make it work….  although this might be me missing something. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have managed to find the correct procedure and share it with others….

It will be interesting to see if Positive Grid continue to invest in JamUp Pro and, in particular, whether they will ensure that the app continues to perform solidly as iOS itself is updated. However, so far at least, I think Positive Grid have done their duty in this regard and the app is still working just as well as before BIAS FX appeared. Long may that continue….    JamUp Pro is still available for purchase via the App Store…  and while it is very welcome to see the software being maintained for existing users, I would certainly recommend that new users went down the BIAS FX route  – especially if they have access to newer iOS hardware on which to run it – if they wanted Positive Grid’s best take on this virtual guitar rig software.

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    1. I started out with AmpKit, bought a lot of IAP’s, then found that they really couldn’t be bothered to keep it properly updated. Especially with reference to AudioBus. Tried JamUp and got the Pro version, but am also concerned about them possibly doing the same kind of thing Auria did. Sell a supposedly top version, then bring out another one with the features it was supposed to have, at double the price! The good news is that I got ToneStack and a mother-load pack, which is excellent. The makers are also keen to keep it updated.

    2. The sync of purchases is a great idea for us that bought most expansions in JamUp Pro.
      However in reality Positive Grid have some work to do with the syncing of purchases, as it quite simply doesn’t work. I, and others, have pointed this out to Positive Grid on their Facebook page. Let’s see if they get it sorted.

    3. Yes, the Sync doesn’t unlock the Signature Metal I purchased in JamUp pro. I’d been trying to purchase Sig metal in BiasFX on iPad since it was released. The purchase bug meant I couldn’t purchase until last week. The pack has returned to full price now and I already purchased it in JamUp pro just so I could unlock it in BiasFX. I have just contacted Positive grid about the issue.

    4. Yes, the sync function does not work. In my opinion, Positive Grid is rushing too many products on the market and not putting out quality. They should step back and focus on getting the bugs/issues addressed with existing products before releasing more apps/hardware.

    5. I contacted PG support last night, to ask about synchronizing the Metal Signature pack. They got back to me very quickly. Apparently there is a FIX in review with Apple.

    6. Update: I now have the Sync option working via a test release of JamUp pro. Sync option has unlocked the Sig Metal in BiasFX. Thanks to Positive Grid for the support.

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