Jam Maestro update – David Blake’s tab-based sequencer gets Audiobus 3 support

Download from iTunes App Storejam maestro logo 2I posted a review of the Jam Maestro v.3 update on the blog when it first appeared in spring of 2014. Jam Maestro has always been an interesting ‘guitarist-friendly compositional tool’ but, with v.3, it moved some significant steps forward. If you are a guitar player who likes to compose on the move or who wants a sequencing environment tailored to your view of the world rather than that of a keyboard player, then Jam Maestro is well worth checking out.

Developer David Blake has continued to work on the app though and there have been a number of ‘.’ updates since then. However, since v.3.4.1 appeared back in September, things have been a little quiet. That got put right a couple of days ago though….  v.3.4.2 arrived on the App Store.

Jam Maestro – now with Audiobus 3 support.

The headline change is the addition of support for Audiobus 3 and this includes MIDI in/out support for each track within the Jam Maestro sequencer. If Audiobus is an important part of your general iOS music making workflow, you can now use all the new MIDI routing options provided by AB3 to get Jam Maestro’s MIDI data out to other sound sources. And, having finally had a chance to give this a quick walk-through this morning, used to send MIDI to a number of synth apps, it all seems to be pretty straightforward….  although things didn’t seem quite so solid when those synths happened to be of the AU variety (feel free to leave a comment below if your experience differs from mine).

The Audiobus 3 support includes options for MIDI routing…..

If you haven’t checked out Jam Maestro yet, take a look at my original review of the app and the v.3 update. It is very much a guitarist-friendly sequencing environment but actually packs in a lot of features. If you are more comfortable with guitars and tab than keyboards and a piano roll, it might be just the compositional tool you are looking for….  and on the larger iPad Pro screen I have to say it works very well indeed.

Oh, Jam Maestro is currently priced at UK£5.99/US$5.99, for guitar players looking for a sequencer that is built with their instrument in mind, Jam Maestro is a bit of an app-shaped gem. Well worth a look….

Jam Maestro

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