iTalizer updated – Numerical Audio make it two for the price of one

Download from iTunes App StoreI given coverage to the excellent RP-1 RF-1 and VC-1 apps from Numercial Audio developer Kai Aras here on the Music App Blog when each of these first launched. They all provide compact, but well-featured effects and are all capable of conventional and more creative treatments. They are all universal, very inexpensive and come with AU support straight out the box. What’s not to like?

Kai’s latest app, however, is iTalizer which launched on the App Store a couple of weeks ago. today. The app is universal and is a mono synth designed to create authentic dub reggae sirens and similar effects. The app includes a tape echo emulation and has an XY controller built-in for real-time performance control.

iTalizer – sound effects for Reggae anyone? :-)

As a standalone app, all the controls are housed on a single screen but, as with Kai’s other apps, you also get IAA, Audiobus and – yay! – AU support. Yes, it is perhaps more of a niche app that the others within the existing Numerical catalogue, but it is very cool and the dub-style tape echo effect is very cool.

iTalizer’s tape echo effect is now included as a separate AU plugin.

Which is worth a mention again because, as of yesterday, iTalizer has been updated to v.1.1.0 on the App Store and, alongside a number of other tweaks to the UI to make for a smoother user experience, you now get a second app for the price of one. Kai has added a further AU element that allows just the Tape Delay section of iTalizer to be used on its own. If you like the retro delay style – but just want to apply it to any audio source – now you can. And having given this a quick spin this morning it does seem to work very well. The control set is very easy to use, you get a few presets to get you started, and the sound certainly has a retro ‘tape-style’ vibe to it; very cool.

The effect offers a simple control set and some tape-like delay sounds.

OK, iTalizer is most certainly much more of a niche app than either RP-1, RF-1 or VC-1 and, priced at UK£9.99/US$9.99, it will get you doing your reggae thing….  However, offering the rather nice delay section as a separate AU plugin will certainly broaden the appeal. If you have not tried Numerical’s other apps yet then you are missing out and can read the original RF-1RP-1 and VC-1 reviews here….   And to find out more about iTalizer, simply hit the App Store download button :-)


Download from iTunes App Store

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