iSymphonic Orchestra update – further new sounds for sample-based orchestral virtual instrument app

Download from iTunes App StoreiSymphonic Orchestra logoI did a full review of iSymphonic Orchestra about a week after it was released and, with the stream of updates since then, and these have added new features, new sounds (included in the base price of the app) and a number of further sound options via IAP, it is now an impressive package. OK, keeping it fully-stocked is going to (a) take up a lot of your iOS device’s storage space and (b) take a sizeable chunk out of your bank balance (those IAPs would soon add up) but, sonically, for those needing orchestral sounds, this is a good a single source as iOS has to offer.

iSymphonic Orchestra – the biggest collection of orchestral sounds available for iOS.

Anyway, a further update appeared on the App Store a couple of days ago taking the app to v.1.10.13. Amid a few technical tweaks, this update brings two further IAP sound pack additions; the Organ Sound Set and the Tosca Sound Set. The former adds a series of Church Organ sounds and sound combinations with choir and orchestral instruments. The latter adds a combinations of patches including new choirs, French Horns, Wagner Horns, string ensembles and orchestral percussion.

Church organs anyone?

Two two IAPs are priced at UK£11.99 and UK£14.99 respectively and require 320MB and 200MB of space. I’ve not had a chance to try either as yet but the demos certainly sound impressive. If I can get hold of copies to review then I’ll post some more detailed thoughts….

The Tosca IAP brings a range of new sounds to the app.

Priced originally at UK£37.99 and with a fairly hefty 800+MB download for the base app, iSymphonic Orchestra perhaps wasn’t going to ever be a casual purchase for your iOS music app collection. However, with considerably more content and features in the current version compared to the original release (it’s now a 1.35GB download for the base app), there has also been a bit of a shift in the pricing structure and, at present, the base app is UK£23.99/US$24.99. Yes, the price will soon add up if you add a number of the IAP options but, even so, given the sound quality and multi-timbral operation, iSymphonic Orchestra is the obvious choice if you are serious about your orchestral sounds under iOS.

iSymphonic Orchestra

Download from iTunes App Store

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    1. My copy of the latest “Notion for IOS” is less than 200 MB but its sound library takes up more than 4 GB of my ipad’s storage !

      Its similar with Cubasis 2 and all its sounds — its not just stand alone sound libraries that are bulking up in IOS….

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