iSymphonic Orchestra update – new sounds and AU refinements for sample-based orchestral virtual instrument app

Download from iTunes App StoreiSymphonic Orchestra logoI did a full review of iSymphonic Orchestra about a week after it was released and, while I was impressed by the sound quality, I wasn’t quite so convinced about the overall package. However, the app has had a number of updates since then and these have added new features, new sounds (included in the base price of the app) and a number of further sound options via IAP. It is now a much better proposition and, for orchestral sounds, is probably the best choice currently available under iOS especially as Crudebyte bit the bullet and added Audiobus support in v.1.5.5 to sit alongside the existing IAA support.

This updates add the new Cupra IAP sound set.

The app was updated back in October and, as well as introducing a new ‘Key’s sound set IAP, it also introduced initial AU support. This is most welcome although, as I reported at the time, there were undoubtedly a few wrinkles with the AU plugin support.

Anyway, a further update appeared on the App Store over the week-end taking the app to v.1.10.12. The top-line change shown in the App Store description is various fixes to the AU support…  and, having given the AU plugin a short workout via AUM this morning, I’m happy to report that it does seem to be working much more smoothly and the laggy problems I had with MIDI input with the initial AU implementation now appear to have been resolved….  The app worked fine with both AUM’s virtual keyboard and with an external MIDI keyboard.

The AU support has been improved and now seems to be working smoothly.

The update also brings yet another IAP sound set. This time it is called Cupra and adds 28 brass based sounds alongside some percussion. The new IAP is priced at UK£12.99. One further helpful new feature is that the app’s IAP purchase pages now include links to demo videos for the various sound sets….  you can see and hear them in action before making a purchase.

Usefully, when considering the various IAP sound sets, you now get the option to view a demo video of the sounds in action.

Priced originally at UK£37.99 and with a fairly hefty 800+MB download for the base app, iSymphonic Orchestra perhaps wasn’t going to ever be a casual purchase for your iOS music app collection. However, with considerably more content and features in the current version compared to the original release, there has also been a bit of a shift in the pricing structure more recently and, at present, the base app is UK£18.99/US$24.99. Yes, the price will soon add up if you add a number of the IAP options but, even so, given the sound quality and multi-timbral operation, iSymphonic Orchestra is the obvious choice if you are serious about your orchestral sounds under iOS.

iSymphonic Orchestra

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