iSymphonic Orchestra sale – base app on limited-time summer SALE

Download from iTunes App StoreiSymphonic Orchestra logoAs I’ve mentioned a number of times here on the Music App Blog, for my money, Crudebyte’s iSymphonic Orchestra currently offers the most realistic palette of orchestral sounds currently available for iOS. I did a full review of the app about when it was released, and while is showed promise at that stage, the various updates since have moved the app forward considerably and also expanded upon the available sounds via a number of add-on IAP sound expansion packs..

Originally priced at UK£37.99 and with a fairly hefty 600+MB download, it perhaps wasn’t going to ever be a casual purchase for your iOS music app collection but the price has changed over time and there has been the occasional sale. In technical terms, the current version – v.1.8.10 is a 950MB download and, while it will run stand-alone on iOS5.1.1 or later, for Audiobus or IAA use, you really need to be running iOS7.0 or later.

iSymphonic Orchestra - the best orchestral sounds that iOS currently has to offer.

iSymphonic Orchestra – the best orchestral sounds that iOS currently has to offer.

Anyway, if you have been tempted by the app but put off by the above average asking price, as part of the Labor Day/summer holiday fun – and for just the next day or two – the base app can be picked up for just UK£12.99/US$16.99 (40% off the current usual price). The majority of the IAP expansion sound sets are currently priced at UK£8.99/US$11.99 each.

You need to be quick though as the sale only lasts until September 6th (tomorrow)….  get your orchestral skates on :-)

iSymphonic Orchestra

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    1. Expensive IAP.

      Looking at the user reviews i will give this one a miss.

      • Hi Raf…. it’s certainly a niche app so not for everyone… but for those that need/want access to high-quality orchestral sounds in an iPad format, it is the best they will currently find…. I guess the pricing reflects that and, for some, it will be an investment worth making, while for others it will not…. best wishes, John

    2. All the Crudebyte apps seem to be on sale…Oriental Strings is showing as $6.99, and CMP Grand is $11.99 — both are great deals.

      • Hi Toz…. thanks for that…. and, agreed, in terms of the quality of the sounds, all are impressive. best wishes, John

    3. John (Film4Q) says:

      I’d also praise of the Crudebytes apps. I bought iSymphonic Orchestra last time it was on offer and the quality of the samples and range of interpretation are a delight. The IAPs are not the cheapest but I don’t think they’re excessive. And Oriental Strings and Heavy Brass provide variation sounds at a decent price without relying on IAPs.

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