iSEM updated – Arturia’s Oberheim SEM virtual synth gets some tweaks

Download from iTunes App Storeisem logoArturia tend to keep the updates to a minimum once they have something that is working well. As such, having given the excellent iSEM synth app a spruce up to provide iOS9 support back in September, the most recent update was in November. It was, however, quite a big on as it added Audio Unit (AU) support to the app; iSEM claimed the ‘first off the blocks’ award in the AU virtual instrument category.

While we now have a handful of AUi apps, it’s an impressive sight to see iSEM operating in this way and, having been a regular user of the app in this format, I have to say that it has performed very solidly via that route (and this kind of says something about Arturia’s testing process).

iSEM looks great as an AUi - as seen here within MultitrackStudio.

iSEM looks great as an AUi – as seen here within MultitrackStudio.

Anyway, a further update – v.1.3 – has appeared on the App Store while I’ve been on my summer break….  This brings a couple of worthwhile changes but, otherwise, as seems to be Arturia’s policy, it sticks with the ‘if it’s not broke, then don’t fix it’ mantra. First, the app now accommodates any sample rate changes made by either an IAA or AU host app. Second, the simple (but very effective) arpreggiator built into iSEM will now follow the host tempo when the app is used via IAA or AU. Will be see Ableton Link support at some stage? Let’s hope so….  but, even so, these changes are welcome.

When it comes to iOS synths, there really are some excellent choices available. iSEM is a seriously good synth app and sounds absolutely fabulous. You can read the full review of the app if you want to find out more but, if you are an iOS synth collector then this is definitely one to add and, if you are a newbie iOS musician building your synth app collection, this is yet another contender to add to the best of the rest on the App Store. Like iProphet and iMini, iSEM is priced at UK£7.99/US$9.99 and is an absolute snip given the quality of the sound. Highly recommended….


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