iProphet update – Arturia tweak their Prophet emulation for iOS11

Download from iTunes App StoreiProphet logoWell iOS 11 is almost upon us and, while I would, of course, suggest upmost caution over actually updated to Apple’s latest and greatest version of their mobile OS (especially if you are in the middle of a project or three), it is good to see developers doing what they can to ensure compatibility with iOS11 for those brave iOS music makers willing to take the plunge.

Given just how infrequently Arturia actually update their apps (if it’s not broke, don’t fix it), it is perhaps quite surprising to see them quick off the mark on this front. Yes, an update to iProphet has appeared on the apps Store with a ‘now compatible with iOS11’ tagline. That’s good to see….

Arturia will be very well know to most computer-based musicians for their range of both hardware and software products. They make some excellent hardware synths and MIDI controller keyboards but, perhaps are best known for their software recreations of classic synths of old… virtual versions of the kinds of synths that any self-respecting synth fan would love to own in their original hardware format but (a) doesn’t have the space for and, more significantly, (b) couldn’t afford the insurance for let alone the actual asking price of the hardware (if they could find a working model).

Arturia's iProphet iOS synth is unbelievably good given the pocket money price.

Arturia’s iProphet iOS synth is unbelievably good given the pocket money price.

In the last few of years Arturia (with some input from Retronyms I believe) have started to bring their expertise to iOS. I’ve reviewed all four of their offerings to date; iMiniiSem, iProphet and iSpark here on the blog in the past. They are all excellent and, if you have become a bit of a synth app addict, are well deserving of a place in almost anyone’s iOS music app collection.

The iProphet update takes it to v.1.32  and, having given the app a brief workout (under iOS10.3.3 admittedly), it seems to be working well, whether that was standalone, via Audiobus or via IAA (using Cubasis as my IAA host). This is a fine-sounding synth and, at present, perhaps the only real quibble you can have given the modest UK£9.99/US$9.99 price is that AU support is not available. I do find that a little surprising given that Arturia iSEM was one of the very first virtual instruments to get AU support way back in November 2015.

Anyway, it is up to you to decide whether iOS11 is an update worth making in a few days time (I’m certainly going to wait a short while this time around) and whether you require AU for your own personal workflow preferences but iProphet does sounds great, offers excellent value and is fun to use – even, apparently, under iOS11 :-)


Download from iTunes App Store

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    1. Hi John, since the update, iProphet will not work with Aum, Audiobus 2, or studiomux on my iPad Air 2 or my Ipad 4, both running ios 10.3.3, rendering it useless for me at the moment………i couldn’t work out how to contact Retronyms via their website, so thought maybe they might see this! Anyone else having problems?

    2. Same here on Air2, 10.3.3.

      Have emailed Retronyms -the address was on the update in the App Store. Also mailed Arturia. No response yet from either other than automated.

    3. Wow, what a bummer that the update has broken iProphet, I have been planning to get it and was excited after finding out about the update. Now I guess I have to wait and see if it’s going to be fixed first.

    4. New Update out now. It’s Fixed!

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