iPad Recording Studio Series – how to build a recording studio around an iPad

finger on a tablet computer screenOver the last 30 years, the world of multitrack recording and music production has been democratised. What was once only available to a privileged few and at very high costs is now available to (almost) anyone.

The equipment is readily available in a range of different formats and at a cost that – providing you have the determination to source the required budget – is staggeringly modest compared to just a few short years ago.

Recording studios can come in a variety of formats. The traditional wide-format analog tape/hardware mixer combination still exists but digital formats – tape, hard drives and solid state drives – are now at the heart of most ‘home’, project or commercial studios. And so are computers….

Something to aspire too... That multi-million £/$/€ studio to record your next hot album in :-)

Something to aspire too… That multi-million £/$/€ studio to record your next hot album in :-)

And the latest computer format on to which the recording studio has expanded is Apple’s iPad; compact, portable, silent (a good thing in a recording studio) and, in recording technology terms, relatively inexpensive, an iPad can now sit at the heart of a recording studio that, with the right accessories and software (apps), can make some excellent multitrack recordings.

So, if you have an iPad (or are planning to buy one), just how do you go about building a recording studio around it? What other things do you need to consider? What additional equipment might you need? What are the most important apps that you need to create and record your music? And, importantly, just how much might all this cost?

Well, if you are considering any of these questions, then you have come to the right place. Here, I’ve put together the Music App Blog’s introductory guide to building an iPad recording studio. While the topic is huge, I’ve tried to cover all the key basic points in enough detail to get you started. So, dig in, starting planning….

Building an iPad recording studio

Part 1 – The evolution of the home recording studio

Part 2 – Getting audio and MIDI data into your iPad

Part 3 – MIDI keyboards and controllers for your iPad studio

Part 4 – Microphones for your iPad studio

Part 5 – Monitoring choices for your iPad studio

Part 6 – All about apps; key apps required for your iPad studio

Part 7 – Choosing the right recording app for your iPad studio

Part 8 – How much does it cost to build an iPad recording studio?

Part 9 – Bare-bones and next step examples

Part 10 – What next?

The iPad recording studio - go make your music :-)

The iPad recording studio – go make your music :-)

More ‘What next?’

Part 10 attempts to put the iPad recording studio into some sort of context…. The aim of this series is to get you to the stage where you are at least armed with enough knowledge to specify the equipment and apps you might need alongside your iPad given your own recording ambitions. Once you have read the material available here, hopefully (if I’ve done my job right!), you will be in a better position to actually then go ahead and build your own recording studio around your iPad.

Of course, the next step is even more exciting…. you get to make – and record – some of your music. As explained in Part 10, however, building the studio and then learning how to use it (and how to get the very best that you can from it), are two different things. And, while that is in itself a huge topic, it might well be a good candidate for a further series at some point. Watch this space….

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