iOS9 updated – Apple apply the first round of additions to the latest version of iOS

iOS9 logoAs I’m sure every iOS musician is aware, iOS9 was released last week and is available to download for any of the iOS hardware that will support the new version. The sensible route was most certainly to stick with iOS8 for now if you happen to be an iOS music maker until the dust settles on the v.9 release and to let a few willing volunteers explore the brave new world on your behalf :-) Thankfully, while some users have most definitely hit snags (and not all music related), I think it would be fair to say that this transition doesn’t (yet at least) seem to have created quite the same level of challenge as moving from iOS7 to iOS8.

As I’ve mentioned over the last couple of weeks, there have already been a whole bunch of popular iOS music apps that have been updated to offer iOS9 compatibility. These apps seem to be working well as standalone apps under iOS9. We have also now seen the first post-iOS9 update to Audiobus arrive and that seems to have removed the obvious wrinkles that iOS9 caused for Audiobus users.

The first update to iOS9 is now available; iOS9.0.1 adds a few bug fixes....

The first update to iOS9 is now available; iOS9.0.1 adds a few bug fixes….

Anyway, your iOS device may well have woken you up with news that v.9.0.1 of your favourite mobile operating system is now available. It’s not surprising that Apple have release a minor update after just a few days (all that ‘live beta testing’ was bound to trow up a few obvious things that needed rapid attention) and, having applied the update to my iPad Air 1 – so far at least – all seems well. Audiobus seemed to be worked well enough and I was able to run through a few of my favourite iOS music apps (mostly via IAA within Cubasis) without any incidents. I’m not sure there is anything very specific in the update that relates to audio features but, if Apple are tweaking bugs, then that’s generally a good thing.

While I think the advice about staying on iOS8 is still good for those who use their iOS device primarily for music making, I’m still giving a cautious thumbs up for iOS9. Once we have seem a few more of our favourite iOS music apps get their first ‘iOS9 ready’ updates, then I think it will not be too long before it will be safe to take the plunge. It’s great that there seems to be a little less ‘drama’ this time around….

Personally, I’m really keen to see just what developers are going to make of the new AU functionality in iOS9. That does, however, require our favourite DAW app to have AU host functionality built into them. It will be interesting to see which developer is first off the mark with this….  watch this space :-)

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