iOS music apps and Brexit ?!? Not a sentence I thought I’d ever need.

PrintAs regular readers here and subscribers to the weekly Music App Blog email newsletter will know, I’m not one to dip too deeply into social and political issues via the blog. I’ve got my own political opinions (and I’m more than happy to share them with folks when I get asked face-to-face) but the website is – and will remain – a place to talk about iOS-based music technology and not the wider state of the (very small) world upon which we all live.

On this occasion, however, we have an iOS music technology news item that has a political issue as its underlying driver. As has been reported in the wider technology media, Apple wrote to developers a number of days ago to inform them that there would be across the board price increases in the UK App Store of around 25%. These came into effect over the week-end and, alongside the UK’s VAT rate of 20%, mean that UK£ prices and US$ prices for the majority of apps – music apps included – are now equivalent.

For example, an app like Troublemaker is now UK£9.99 (was UK£7.99) and US$9.99 while Cubasis is now UK£48.99 (from UK£39.99) and US$49.99. These price changes are nothing to do with the individual developers. I believe developers pick a single price point for their apps (I assume based upon the US$ price?) and Apple then simply rolls that out at a currency conversion rate of their own choosing (and adjusting that on occasions as currency exchange rates change).

Apple’s explanation for the change is that it is simply a response to the recent devaluation of the UK£ compared to the US$ and that, itself, is a result of uncertainty in the financial markets as a consequence of the referendum in the UK over membership of the EU. Apple are not the only company to have raised their prices within the UK because of the significant fall in the UK£ and their hardware prices were also raised for UK customers a few months ago. Various consumer items are now more expensive in the UK as a result of the currency woes of the UK£….  and, if you follow the music technology market in general, you might already have seen hikes in other items, especially if they represent new stock imported within the last month or two as opposed to older stock imported under different exchange rate conditions.

While I’m no longer resident within the UK, all my app purchases are linked to a UK-based App Store account (and Apple to not make it easy to shift purchases between territories as far as I’m aware). So, for me – and other UK-based iOS music makers – our app addictions just got 25% more expensive. Good job that most of this software is so very cheap to start with then…..

Currency volatility is often a consequence of market uncertainly and that, in turn, can be caused by political uncertainty. Personally, I’m a touch surprised that the UK Government is still working out exactly what they are aiming for from the Brexit process. One might have imagined that that would have been something worth doing before actually running a referendum so that those voting had a clearer idea of what they were actually voting for or against. This might also have resulted in significantly less uncertainty for the markets. Still, I’m not a politician so what do I know…..

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    1. Nathan Brazil says:

      Oh dear, this is where the slide begins. Inviting comment will bring the Remoanears out. So, one last contribution from me, then I’m gone.

      As someone who did vote Brexit and would do so again in a second, I am sick to the back teeth being told I didn’t know what I was voting for, or I’m racist or thick. None of these things is true. What I voted for is for my country to make its own laws and control its own borders. Not an unelected elite residing in the EU. Did I understand there would be volatility, yes of course, but that will pass and I honestly believe we will be better off. I am more than willing to take the consequences in the short term, for the freedom to trade globally.

      What really irritates, is those who now willfully disregard how democracy works. We all know that in any general election, if those who voted against the eventual winners were added to those who couldn’t be bothered to vote at all, they would form a majority. But as we also know democracy only counts those who take part. Brexit was won, fair and square, delivering the largest mandate in British political history. Now those who didn’t get the result they wanted appear willing to do anything to subvert this democratic process.

      There are any number of places on the Interweb for people to talk about this and post their political views. But so very few decent sites discussing music. I now fear that by opening the gates, you will have done this one harm. But, it’s your blog and so your choice as to what you do with it. Therefore, I’ll just thank you again or all the great work you’ve done in the past, wish you luck for the future, and say goodbye.

      • John (Film4Q) says:

        So let me get this right, Nathan: you lament that John has voiced his opinion about a rise in app prices resulting from the post-referendum reduction in value to the pound, and is therefore relevant to his blog; you then complain about politicising the site before spending two lengthy paragraphs giving your views which are purely about politics and have nothing to do with music making; then you announce that you will no longer be gracing John’s site with your presence.

        O-kay… :)

      • Hi Nathan…. sorry if we disagree in how we voted in the UKs EU referendum…. such is life… people disagree about stuff…. This story related to iOS music making and has a link to the referendum through the financial markets so it is difficult to avoid making mention of it….. I’ve tried to be as gentle as possible in doing so…. but, if not gentle enough for you, then I’m sorry about that…. Very best wishes, John

    2. “Say goodbye” because of this post? Very dramatic.

    3. I didn’t see anything wrong with your article. Actually i find it very informative to see how the Brexit has a direct influence on the app store pricing. I had no idea it could even lead to such a huge increase in pricing. 25% increase is pretty nuts and i feel bad for you guys in the UK. Also a bit bizar to see how Nathan took this article so personal and sees it as a reason to also Blexit this blog ;) But i do agree that it is probably better to not mention too much about politics on this blog. For most, including myself, it is probably a nice way to escape from all the political mess that we find in the daily news and on most other sites. I am still glad however you wrote and informed us about this news, since it is very much iOS music related.

      • Hi Ed…. Thanks for that…. I do try to avoid digging too deep into non-music related topics. On this occasion, there was a wider context to an iOS music story so it was difficult not to discuss in some form without ignoring the story altogether….. Very best wishes, John

    4. There seems to be a lot of people getting upset about politics and making “dramatic” goodbye posts on iOS music sites over the last few weeks.

      Martyrism season is open.

    5. ConfusedKitten says:

      Wow… There’s no need to be so defensive Nathan, you have your opinion (that’s fine) John has his (that’s fine too)… others’s have there’s (fine also) end of story (no drama necessary)! I don’t think the slide begins here at all, nobody assumes anything about you, it’s just one of the most uncertain times in history, and political leaders are seemingly clueless publicly (on the world stage) as to what it is ‘they’ want – which is confusing the hell out of everyone (especially this poor kitten that just wants to make music with its iPad)! The musicAppBlog’s always been about music and still is and always will be! Most users refrain from interacting in a public forum, or communicate with John directly so let’s not blow this out of proportion, you’re upset about the world… and you’re not alone (we understand believe me)! You love the music app blog as do I, your frequent posts are thoughtful, educated and appreciated; so it would be a shame to bid this blog farewell over something so trivial as a ‘fact’ update on the impact that recent political events are having on our beloved music making industry! We’re all friends here, and we respect each other’s opinion(s) let’s keep it that way as the quality of discussion and mutual respect on this blog is an utter rarity online (in my experience) and thus one of the last bastions of humanity left! Now that was dramatic (sorry… just keeping it light)!

      As such, we can try and pretend the Brexit elephant in the room doesn’t exist (but it does) and it’s impacting our everyday life, and the context here is that it has massive ramifications on the music app making community! You have to remember that you, John, myself (and many others) clearly have a long term interest in music technology, so our epic music app library is likely complete (and largely updated out of curiosity or necessity; particularly in Johns case)! Indeed myself, I seem to have accidentally invested over £1k+ in the U.K. App Store (oops… my bad); so news that the prices have increased by 25% is of major significance to ‘my’ music technology addiction/and bank manager (…and a great many others likely)! However, we have to remember that not all visitors here are seasoned music app addicts (like ourselves); there are many new users as well trying to educate themselves in the world of mobile music making, and sadly this news is going to hit them considerably harder than us… sorry guys/girls I feel for you! Still, fortunately even with the price increase, music apps somewhat inexpensive nature and the ubiquitous frequency of sale periods etc, means that new users (or seasoned ones) shouldn’t be too disheartened; it’s just an unfortunate reflection of the uncertainties at this time. The reality is that the Brexit referendum had created divisions even within family’s who can’t find agreement; but you just have to remember that everybody has an opinion, and provided it’s not deliberately malicious, you just accept that the worlds full of variety and contrasting ideas (and that’s fine) so I guess what I’m trying to say is let’s not let recent events divide us more than it already has (our transatlantic cousins are indeed suffering from a similar plight)! We’re here because we love music technology, this is relevant, but it’s nothing to fall out over either, it’s just genuinely saddening to see the world in such turmoil and people so upset that’s all, but hopefully together we’ll make it through these dark uncertain times (developers, users both new and seasoned, and music journalists alike)! Peace and love to you all! ❤️

      • John (Film4Q) says:

        Beautifully put, CK. Wish I could ‘up vote’ your comment.

        I agree that Nathan’s comments have been well-considered and worth reading and it’s a pity to see him go. But I’m with you about the relevance of the 25% increase because I’m also a hopeless app addict.

        Having read that the price hike this was on the cards.I took the plunge and upgraded the Peter Vogel CMI (not a Fairlight – honest!) app to pro; the IAP has now increased from £30 to £39.

        And I bought Sensual Sax – which I think is gorgeous – so I can play slow, mournful laments for all the apps I’ll no longer be able to buy – at least as impulse purchases. :(

        • ConfusedKitten says:

          Thank you John (Film4Q) for your kind words! Yeah the price hike has had such a shock on my regular music app surveying/contemplating (add to Wishlist) style meditational habits that my heads actually spinning/reeling from this dose of reality currently! I feel genuinely saddened because your words resonate with my own predicament, and I enjoy supporting developers (and do so as often as possible) but I’m certainly going to have to suppress my impulse buying too!

          Good call with the Peter Vogel CMI (ouch)! I grabbed Wolfgang Palms ‘Phonem’ (in response to Johns 2016 yearly App roundup article which planted the seed and it was only a matter of time before I submitted) and oh… how glad I am that I did (amazing)… this software has mystical banshees trapped inside it – how is this possible – Palm and his crew of minions are deities!

          Sector (Kymatica) how the hell did I not understand or appreciate this softwares genius to date (well it’s been playing in a permanent loop with ‘Troublemaker’ ever since – so at least I’m there now)! Model 15 IAP’s (my indoctrination into the world of modular which is a somewhat of a mystery currently), and anything else in my iTunes Wishlist… wow it was easy to drop another £50 ha ha! I just hope this App Store update/news doesn’t have too much of a negative effect on developers as that would be terrible news for the mobile music making industry – best wishes!

          • John (Film4Q) says:

            Thanks for the app recommendations. Will have to check those out – even if it will take a bit longer to fill the piggy bank before I can crack it open and buy them! But “mystical banshees trapped inside” Phonem certainly has me curious… a gorgeous turn of phrase!

            • ConfusedKitten says:

              It’s just freaky and unnerving… I though it could only produce vocoder’esq type electronic sounds then it started singing beautiful female vocal phrases at me and I wondered if I’d fallen asleep programming (again) and I was in fact dreaming… I didn’t even think this was possible! Really mind bending technology, this software has ‘spirit’ and ‘character’ in every sense of the word… Wolfgang’s a creative genius (as are many of our beloved developers)! :)

    6. No Brexit over here in the USA. Just that vote for Hillary or Trump. That was some good fun. I didn’t vote for either one of them. But, we ended up with one of them anyway. On my birthday no doubt. lol.

      I’da voted out of Brexit if given the chance. EU is on it’s way out. 5 – 10 years it’ll be gone. IMO.

      The added price to the apps, and other things does suck. Guess stuff isn’t free, someones gotta pay for it.

      • ConfusedKitten says:

        Just to clarify, when I said (“…our transatlantic cousins are indeed suffering from a similar plight…”) I meant how a referendum had recently divided a nation! As ‘Tim Webb’ indeed mentioned over at Discchord (on the subject) this is a (“…stark, graphic illustration, of the impact one vote can have on the world…”). To better times for all of us; regardless of which side of the pond we reside on! :)

    7. Hi John,
      I thought your post was factual and non-political. Drama queens like Nathan won’t be missed especially if they’ve never made any other contribution here other than being offended by facts. If I was a psychologist I would think there is some hidden guilt going on with Nathan and his voting choice but that’s just me. What is more bothersome is Apple capitalizing on a situation to raise prices. We see corporations do it all the time. But when costs go back down we never see them lower their charges in response. This blog is awesome and provides a fantastic service but, curses, didn’t I just buy another app based on your review!
      Keep up the good work – for me and my music it’s a vital service!

    8. Well, I must say I find it most amusing that Nathan chose to huff-off in a fit over a very timely and appropriate story about an increase in UK app prices — especially after he chastised me just two months ago for being upset about Yonac DOUBLING the price of their ToneStack 3.0 upgrade just in time for Black Friday sales!

      There is a big difference between 25% and 100%, Nathan, so just take the same advice you gave me: Suck it up and pay it.

      As for the politics that resulted in these price increases, you certainly can’t hold John accountable for simply stating the facts and the end result. Don’t shoot the messenger! John is the greatest source we have for app news, reviews and information. He also is one of the most kind and gracious voices on the web. You can say you’re leaving, but we all know you’ll be back — probably under a new name like “Nathan Uzbekistan.”

      As for Confused Kitten, thanks for peaking my interest in Phonem!
      “Mystical banshees,” indeed!

      • ConfusedKitten says:

        He he that’s awesome Scott, yeah it’s intriguing I had to get it because I’m always interested in acquiring different forms of synthesis, and it’s like nothing I’ve ever encountered, it whispers, it chants, it speaks and it sings (“laaaaaa…) I think I’m love with it :0 and I’m convinced this software was written in magical incantations as opposed to programming languages like ‘C’! Very clever conceptually and deep possibilities! It reminds me of a cutting edge research project in the past called ‘Chant’ from IRCAM Centre Pompidou in Paris (although it sounds completely different in form and purpose) but I find it really interesting and I can’t believe I have access to technology like it on my iPad! iOS rocks :)

        • Thanks for the link, CK! That’s pretty amazing!

          I’m hoping you will post some of your “Bansheeisms” here via soundcloud or Dropbox. I’m sure more than just John (Film4Q) and myself would be interested…

          In the meantime, I’m off to watch Tim Webb, Jacob and Doug Woods “Play with Phonem!”

          • ConfusedKitten says:

            Cool Scott, I’m glad you enjoyed it! That Pompidou Centre/IRCAM in Paris is an inspirational place, some crazy research taking place there (all the time)! Yeah I’m contemplating starting an online musical project at some stage in the near future (pending a move) and Phonems inclination for ‘bansheeism’ is certainly good food for thought! Incidentally there’s also Tom from Synth Anatomy (a useful resource) mentioned by those guys; pure demos no talking (always great for an instant idea of what something’s like). He has a couple of examples online:

            PPG Phonem for iPad – Multiple AU Instances in AUM

            PPG Phonem for iPad – Expressive Vocal Synthesis

            • John (Film4Q) says:

              Hi ConfusedKitten & Scott – Going way, way off topic here but as you both seem to be fans of audio from the outer limits, have you checked out Alexander Zolotov’s Virtual ANS and apeSoft’s Sparkle?

              The former is a simulation of a Soviet optical (!) synth and produces fabulous, sweeping, 50s sci-fi sounds. As for Sparkle, there are definitely ghosts in that machine.

              I’ve not worked out how to tame either of them but just love to see what unexpected aural treats they can produce when I’ve a few minutes to spare.

              Oh, and a tip of the chapeau for another apeSoft synth, iVCS3 – joyous bleeping and burbling – I can almost hear the clipped tones of an announcer saying, “Music produced by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.” :)

            • How funny that you sent the “multiple AU Instances in AUM” link to me. I viewed it yesterday and was panning on sending it to you!

              There are a lot of great videos on it! It has moved to the top of my wish list!

            • Thanks for the app tips, John! Those sound really great! I’ve managed the squeeze some pretty cool 50’s-type sound effects out of Addictive Synth, but I’m certain a Soviet Optical Synth would take things to a whole other level!

              You both might be interested in (or already have) a cool free synth app called Sylo. It’s a very simple granular synth with only a couple knobs all on one screen, but you can sample your voice with it and wrangle the sample into some pretty crazy stuff! Great fun for the whole family!

              Most of my explorations of late have been trying to decipher SoundScraper and iDensity — the Black Friday gifts that keep on giving!

              At some point, I’d like to form an international band that would each contribute to create songs in a warped Gary Numan/Thomas Dolby “Golden Age of Wireless” vein!

            • Oh yeah, one of the Sylo presets is called “Effects from space 1950 b”

              The “b” as in B-Movies, I imagine…

              Not really all that great. I’m certain a Soviet Optical Synth could do better!

      • John (Film4Q) says:

        Hi Scott – Thanks for the Sylo tip off; it was new on me but downloaded it and trying to get my head round it.

        There’s an intro to Virtual ANS on YouTube: There’s also a radio documentary, ‘Unique Soviet Synth ANS (BBC The Soundhunter 4),’ and here’s the only ANS in existence being ‘played’:

        Looks like this rather off-topic digression has pushed the number of posts to the limit. When John gets back, maybe we should ask for a round-up or weird noise makers, for further discussion! :)

        • I don’t mind ‘off-topic’….. especially when it is clearly ‘on topic’ in the broad iOS music sense :-). Best wishes, John

        • Wow, John (Film4Q)! That is pretty amazing.

          That brush tool is vey cool. It brought back fond memories of using MacPaint on my Macintosh back in 1984! After watching both videos, I went down the rabbit hole and visited their site where they have a huge collection of videos. The developer (Alexander Zolotov) is a genius! It’s amazing that you can not just use a midi keyboard to enter data, but you can also “paint” or even “play” a photograph! There is a great video that shows ANS playing fractal images: what a trip!

          Then, while I was on the DNS site, I discovered another app of Zolotov’s called PhonoPaper. It reads (and creates!) paper musical bar codes that can be translated to audio by the app. Plus, it can use your idevice camera to turn live visuals into Virtual ANS style music. As a bonus, all you spy wanna-bees can record voice messages, print them (or email them) to your favorite secret agent, who can then use the app to play-back your encrypted voice message! Now I know how the Soviets stole all our secrets…

          Best of all: IT’S FREE! There is a cool video there of a Russian music festival the used this app in very clever ways. A must-see! There are also a number of song codes there you can play with the app. Most stunning! Thanks for the great tip, John!

          • Sorry for the wrong link to the ANS fractal image link. Here is the correct one:

            • ConfusedKitten says:

              Hey guys, some really interesting discussion and it’s so nice that what started as a negative thread turned into such a positive one (thanks to a great vibrant community of creatives)! I was a little scared of posting any more as it’s started to break the site before (too much nesting/cladding etc) but suffice to say I particularly appreciated the ANS ‘thingy’ playing a (Mandelbrot or Julia Set) fractal video! As someone who loved creating fractal movies on the Atari ST back in the late 80’s; that brought a smile to my face – thanks a lot for the links Scott/John (film4Q)! Yes indeed we are extremely lucky that there is such a wide range of creative music production content on iOS, there’s some great developers out there, and I think it’s special that as a platform iOS instinctively encourages experimental design (and interaction with multimedia content etc) it’s an inspiring medium to be a part of! :)

            • John (Film4Q) says:

              Hi Scott & ConfusedKitten (founder members of the Guild of iPad Weird Noise Makers?)

              Scott, thanks for the fractals video – I’d not seen it before. Did you try the ” Как звучат круги на полях (Sounds of the Crop Circles) ” video on YT?

              You can keep your five note visitors, Mr Spielberg; Alexander Zolotov knows what the coolest aliens in school are grooving along to!

              Thanks again for the Sylo tip. Played around with it for 5 – well, okay 25 minutes – this morning and turned one of the presets into a fabulous, Residents-like metallic stab

            • Wow, crop circles really are more than just eye-candy! Some of those circles sound like a cross between E.T. and R2D2!

              That was crazy good. For those of you who are Russian-language challenged, here is an easy link:

              Was wondering if ANS has other voices/samples you can load? Perhaps Confused Kitten has a spare banshee or two to release upon the crop circles of the world!

              Thanks to both of you for the great contributions.

            • ConfusedKitten says:

              Actually speaking of weird noises (John Walden) I recently realised that under the radar Arturia have been expanding the IAP’s (sound packs) available in iSpark, and currently there is a new free sound pack that is constructed from sounds recovered from deep space as a result of scanning with radio telescopes (at least that’s what I recall of the description). Just wanted to let you know as I knew nothing about this and it’s really kind of them to provide it as a bonus! I must admit that when the news hit recently of examples of this research into deep space phenomena being made available I was pretty interested in getting hold of some for sonic experiments etc. There’s a whole sound art movement of discovering and subverting ‘found’ sounds; but it’s obviously on a much more grandiose scale when NASA are the ones doing it! I only had a brief play but they sound great – thanks Arturia! :)

            • You’d better start recording that space album right away. It appears there is a “Space Race” for albums using “noises from Space!”

              Here in the states, there is a National Public Radio program called “Science Friday,” that had a segment many months ago about these space sounds and people making music with them. Here is the link:

              Also, if you do a google search for Jet Propultion Laboratory sounds from space, you’ll bind a huge number of links to cool sounds recorded by the Voyager mission and other NASA projects.

              Happy space explorating!

            • From the story:

              “The Voyager probes captured the sounds heard on Space Project with V-shaped antennae made out of beryllium-copper tubes that are attached externally to the spacecraft, according to (Don) Gurnett. They’re hooked up to electronic amplifiers, which NASA uses to convert incoming plasma waves into digital waveforms. Gurnett likens the process to a car radio receiver translating radio waves to sounds that humans can hear.”

              “Beryllium.” Great name for a heavy metal band!!!

            • ConfusedKitten says:

              Thanks for the link Scott that’s awesome! I’ll have a good read but that’s great, I just thought it would be nice to grab a pile of those sounds and keep them on file for sonic ambient textures etc. The article sounds great anyway! Jet Propulsion Laboratory… I wonder if that’s where the rocket scientist Destin from the YouTube channel ‘SmarterEveryDay’ works? I’m sure he’s been there if not during one of his field trips! I love all the sciencey stuff (as you can tell) so the ‘Science Friday’ article was a very apt choice; much appreciated! :)

              PS: The free Arturia iSpark sound pack (ALMA Fragment) is produced in conjunction with the organisation ALMA sounds (I was on my iPhone earlier so I was unable to verify the name of it) but free sounds are always a nice gesture in case anyone finds this useful!

            • Speaking of odd noises, I just discovered a new noise musician over at Tim Webb’s Discchord site:


              Sadly, it’s Taskent99’s last video…

              Taskent99’s Youtube channel, 9-year-birthday! 20,000 page views!
              Now is the time to say goodbye for this set-up and start a new musical exploration …
              Thank you to all the viewers around the world. Hasta la vista, my friends!

              Very cool!

    9. Sam Hamilton-Martin says:

      Hi John,
      Thank you for the post about the 25% price increase. I had no idea this was happening and in my opinion it was an obligation for you to inform us!
      I am upset and frustrated by Apple’s decision. It is selfish, pure and simple. There are developers out there making extremely innovative and useful apps that will suffer as a result of this. As a U.K. Consumer I have already begun rejecting potential app purchases. I am now telling myself “be grateful for what you’ve got”.
      Best wishes,
      P.S. Enjoyed reading all the posts. Good community here :)

      • John (Film4Q) says:

        Hi Sam, I’m never slow to blame big corporations but in this instance I don’t think Apple are to blame.

        As John explained, the app price rise is because Apple presumably do the accounting for the app store in US dollars, which makes sense as they are an American company operating in a global market.

        With the drop in value of the pound against the dollar since the referendum, if UK prices had remained the same, developers would be getting around 20% less (I think) than they were at this time last year. So it’s not just about Apple but about the developers getting a fair return for their work.

        That said, I think that the increases are slightly higher than would be required to compensate for the actual drop in the value of the pound. This might be an indication that Apple is being opportunistic; but it could also be that they are expecting for a further fall in the pound when Article 50 is triggered, so they’re implementing the increase in one go.

        If the pound shows a convincing sign of recovering against the dollar, we should then expect Apple to readjust their rate of exchange again; and we will have every reason to complain if they don’t.

    10. Scott wrote: “I must say I find it most amusing that Nathan chose to huff-off in a fit over a very timely and appropriate story about an increase in UK app prices — especially after he chastised me just two months ago for being upset about Yonac DOUBLING the price of their ToneStack 3.0 upgrade ”

      Is this the same Nathan who, last week, accused Rob (MoodScaper developer) of “throwing his toys out of the pram”? Surely not… irony couldn’t be that sweet.

      I don’t know about Nathan, but I think some of these “drama queen exits” are designed to make the rest of us say “no, no, please do not leave…. you are a wonderful person with valuable opinions, please stay”.

      My 2 cents worth is: if they want to leave, let them leave. If they want to stay, let them stay.

      The funny thing is, after a week or two they quietly creep back to the forum with a new user name.

    11. I didn’t see this as a political stance. It was economic, actually. John, I’m glad you’ve refrained from jumping in to what has become, in the US, a political discourse that is disgusting and, frankly, embarrassing to me as an American. You’re the sole holdout among the 3 app review sites I follow and I respect you for it. I will state that I stopped following one of the sites because the creator was going way too far. I respect a content creators right to express views, but using an audience to express those that was developed through content created solely for another purpose is disgraceful.

    12. John, full credit to you and your website. And all of the hard work involved. I believe your post was not political. It was referring to Apple and their policy making decision! Which I and many people find to be very questionable. Particularly as now some of the dust has settled, the pound is equal to $1.24, yesterday at least! Therefore, rather than Nathan etc talking about politics, this is between us consumers and Apple. They gave no right to argue that £1=$1. And we should be putting our energy into letting Apple know how incorrect their judgement was (is). Rather than being of no importance to Apple’s decision making, we should let our voices be heard. Demanding Apple admit their inaccurate mathematical predicting, and return things to a fair exchange rate! Rather than ripping off their customers. Even though we all know they have had a habit of getting away with it! We must find a way to let them listen to our voices. And can we not have anyone use this as a starting point for their (banal) justifications of Brexit. This is simply about how do Apple respect their customers?

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