Infinite Looper update – Secret Base Design’s MIDI looper app gets new piano-roll editing features

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Patrick Madden – the main man behind Secret Base Design’s series of iOS music apps and part of the team that bought us Music IO – has recently launched a new app – Infinite Looper – that takes some of the concepts that are more generally associated with audio loopers and applied them to MIDI loops (or clips).

This approach means that you can build a loop-based composition based upon some short MIDI phrases and trigger them ‘live’, or via a pre-configured ‘song’ structure, to create your music…. and, instead of audio in those loops, the MIDI data triggers sounds based on virtual instruments, whether those be within Infinite Looper itself (it has a built-in GM-style SoundFont sound set), other iOS apps (Infinite Looper can act as a host of IAA apps) or, given appropriate MIDI connectivity, external MIDI sound sources.

Infinite Looper - the concept of a looper app but delivered for MIDI.

Infinite Looper – the concept of a looper app but delivered for MIDI.

In terms of basic practicalities, Infinite Looper requires iOS8.0 or later, is universal and a 37MB download. It is priced at UK£7.99/US$9.99. And while Infinite Looper is now universal, there is also a dedicated iPhone version called Aleph Looper which is available for the lower price of UK£3.99/US$4.99.

A further update to the app appeared on the App Store over the week-end (v.1.3). While this does address a bug or two, the key new addition is a nicely featured piano-roll style MIDI editing environment. This allows you to modify the positions of notes (grab the front of a note to move), change the length (grab the end of the note to adjust) or change the velocity (grab the middle of the note and swipe up/down). Notes can also be easily duplicated  tools for a range of copy/paste, quantize, transpose and other editing options are also available.

This update brings new MIDI editing features within Infinite Looper.

This update brings new MIDI editing features within Infinite Looper.

I really do like the underlying concept of Infinite Looper. It perhaps doesn’t bring anything dramatically new in terms of powerful MIDI sequencing features and this kind of clip/loop-based MIDI sequencing is available elsewhere… but Patrick has presented in a somewhat different way here so that it is a little more immediate and, unsurprisingly, more ‘looper’ like.

For more details, read the full Infinite Looper review, check out the introductory video below or the App Store description via the Download button…. Oh, and while you are at it. check out Patrick’s other Secret Base Design apps as many of these are currently ‘on sale’ to coincide with the launch period for Infinite Looper.

Infinite Looper

Aleph Looper

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