iMini updated – Arturia tweak the Audiobus support in their iOS Minimoog recreation

Download from iTunes App StoreiMini logoWe have a stack of excellent iOS synth apps available on the App Store and, amongst them, are some truly excellent recreations of classic hardware synths from the past. There are a number of developers that specialise in this sort of product, both on the desktop and under iOS, but Arturia are certainly amongst the top-tier in this regard.

I’ve reviewed iMini, iSEM and iProphet here on the blog in the past (and Arturia also make the excellent iSpark drum machine) and all are excellent. They capture the vibe and, for all but the most geeky of users, the character of the sound of the original hardware….  but, of course, in a compact, easy-to-use, and way less expensive that a 2nd-hand original, format.

iMini – sounds great… and seems to be running smoothly within Audiobus 3.

From this trio of synth apps, an update to iMini appeared on the App Store at the start of the week. Arturia are not one of the developers that release constant technical updates and this is the first refresh of iMini since last November. As a regular user, v.1.75 is therefore a welcome sight….  It is a technical update and the key improvement is tweaks to the Audiobus support for compatibility to Audiobus 3. I’m not sure the changes amount to ‘full’ AB3 support (there is still no State Saving as far as I can tell) but it’s good that Arturia are keeping the app up-to-date in terms of broad compatibility as iOS music tech continues it’s steady evolution.

iMini has received some tweaks to ensure smoother Audiobus support.

While I’m no Moog expert, when I did my original review of iMini, I was impressed with how it reproduces the Minimoog feature set, expanded upon it in very sensible ways to give it a modern edge but all without making it too complex to use. Whether it has quite the ‘muso cred.’ of the original is another matter but, given the current UK£9.99/US$9.99 asking price, iMini is something of a bargain in an App Store full of bargains. Anyway, check out the demo video below, read the full iMini review, and then hit the download button to find out more…..

Download from iTunes App Store

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