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Download from iTunes App StoreAltiSpace logoRegular readers here will be very familiar with indie developer Igor Vasiliev and his excellent range of iOS music apps. These include Master Record, Audio Mastering, AltiSpace and Master FX, all of which I have reviewed previously here on the blog. Igor has also released the interesting, excellent, and just a bit mad, SoundScaper and FieldScaper apps – two sound design toolkits in an app format – and that more experimental iOS music makers (oh, and sound designers!) have been having a lot of fun with.

Anyway, Igor is obviously feeling in a generous mood as all of his Audio Mastering series of apps (including SoundScaper) are currently on a limited time sale. AltiSpace is probably my favourite vocal reverb currently available for iOS and to see a convolution reverb for such a modest price is pretty impressive. On sale, however, at just UK£3.99/US$3.99, this is just a steal…  so if you don’t own it then now is the time to hit the download button. This is one app that I really do hope gets the AU treatment at some stage….

AltiSpace; brilliant convolution reverb app for iOS.

AltiSpace; brilliant convolution reverb app for iOS.

Master Record allows you to add different styles of analog warmth to your iOS-based recording and can be great for helping to smooth out the overall sound. Master FX provides a brilliant all-in-one multi-effects app and, as it has both Audiobus and IAA support, it is easy to use in conjunction with your favourite DAW app.

Finally – and this is an app that almost any iOS musician might like to own – Audio Mastering is Igor’s very popular mastering app and provides a very effective suite of processing options in an easy-to-use format to help you give your final mix a little more impact. It is fabulous value for money even at full price….  so grab a copy while it is on offer for an even better bargain.

Audio Mastering 2.5 allows you to capture a line-based snapshot of your frequency spectrum and also provides equal loudness A/B comparisons.

Audio Mastering allows you to capture a line-based snapshot of your frequency spectrum and also provides equal loudness A/B comparisons.

Indeed, all of Igor’s audio effects apps are great for the dedicated iOS musician and well worth adding to your audio effects toolbox. The current sale is a limited time offer though so, if you want to grab a bargain – all the apps appear to be around 50% off their usual prices – now is the time to do it. The four ‘audio mastering’ apps are also available as a bundle – currently UK£14.99/US$14.99 – just follow the individual links below and you will also see the ‘bundle’ on offer; it is incredible value for money.

SoundScaper – sound design madness (in a good sense!) lies this way :-)

If you have an experimental streak or just work with sound design projects, both SoundScaper and FieldScaper may well be a bit of a no-brainer. You can read the full SoundScaper review here but if you like left-of-centre apps, or are fond sound that can get weird, wonderful, and sometimes just plain scary, SoundScaper will be for you. And if you want similar sorts of technology but in an app designed to be used when you are out and about and want to be able to capture interesting sounds in an instant, FieldScaper is going to be just the thing. And, yes, both are included in the sale…..

Feel free to check out the reviews linked to above….  then hit the download buttons below to find out more and grab a bargain or three…..

AltiSpace – Convolution Reverb

Download from iTunes App Store

Master Record

Download from iTunes App Store

Audio Mastering

Download from iTunes App Store

Master FX

Download from iTunes App Store

SoundScaper – an experimental sound mini lab

Download from iTunes App Store

FieldScaper – sound warp field recorder and scape constructor

Download from iTunes App Store


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      Excellent developer, I own many of these (and they’re exceptional value) especially on sale! I always wonder what Igor’s secretly working on in the background (I keep checking his blog for clues) he he :)

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