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Download from iTunes App Storeaudio mastering logoRegular readers here will be very familiar with indie developer Igor Vasiliev and his excellent range of iOS music apps. These include Master Record, Audio MasteringMaster FX and AltiSpace, all of which I have reviewed previously here on the blog. They are all excellent tool and offer brilliant value for money.

Having exchanged email with Igor in the last couple of days, he was keen to say that there are some new things coming (including a new version of Master Record with a bunch of new features). There is also an minor update to the excellent AltiSpace (UK£4.99) convolution reverb with a few tweaks that is already in the App Store queue (yay! – it has arrived just as I was typing this).

AltiSpace; high quality convolution reverb for iOS.

AltiSpace; high quality convolution reverb for iOS.

Master Record (currently UK£3.99) allows you to add different styles of analog warmth to your iOS-based recording and can be great for helping to smooth out the overall sound. Master FX (currently UK£7.99) provides a brilliant all-in-one multi-effects app and, as it has both Audiobus and IAA support, it is easy to use in conjunction with your favourite DAW app. Audio Mastering (currently UK£8.99) is Igor’s very popular mastering app and provides a very effective suite of processing options in an easy-to-use format to help you give your final mix a little more impact. AltiSpace is, for my money at least, simply the best stand-alone reverb app we currently have under iOS and, while as a convolution reverb, it might chew through a few more CPU cycles than an algorithmic reverb, for the most important tracks in your mix (lead vocals?), the results are well worth it.

All of this suite of apps are now iOS8 ready. All fours apps therefore have up-to-date Audiobus support including the State Saving features and all also provide support for IAA if you have a suitable DAW host to run them within. If you have not yet tried any of these then you are most certainly missing out…  this is top quality iOS music technology at pocket money pricing and are some of the best examples on the App Store that you don’t always get what you pay for…. In the case of these particular iOS music apps, you get way more than the price has any right to deliver. Top notch stuff….

AltiSpace – Convolution Reverb

Master Record

Audio Mastering

Master FX

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    1. Jayson Vein says:

      His apps are freaktastic-o amazing! I sent him an email to let him know I bought a few of his apps, he got back to me within a day. Let me know how important —->REVIEWS<— are in the app store.

    2. I love his apps, but I really wish he had more presets in MasterFX and Audio Mastering. I work in video production and clean up and enhance audio on my ipad now, for things like interviews and sports programming. I find I use Final Touch so much more than Audio Mastering because Final Touch has way more presets, even broadcast ready ones. When I’m in a hurry, I need a big range of presets as a quick start point. I would gladly pay for more well thought out presets from Igor, and I would use these apps more.

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