Igor Vasiliev app giveaway – 5 bundles of Igor Vasiliev’s iOS sound design and effects apps to be won

Download from iTunes App Storefieldscaper logo 1I’ve reviewed a number of Igor Vasiliev’s iOS music apps here on the blog including Audio MasteringAltiSpaceMaster FXMaster Record and SoundScaper  All these apps are excellent and deliver excellent performance combined with equally excellent value for money in a straightforward, no fuss, fashion.

SoundScaper was  bit of a departure from the more conventional audio effects processing apps Igor had previously released but it proved very popular with sound designers and more experimental electronic musicians working on an iPad. Indeed, so popular that Igor followed it up with FieldScaper – also a sound design tool but, with support for the iPhone also an a slightly feature set, perhaps aimed more at capturing (and then processing) audio recorded ‘in the field’.

SoundScaper - sound design madness (in a good sense!) lies this way :-)

SoundScaper – sound design madness (in a good sense!) lies this way :-)

AltiSpace is probably my favourite vocal reverb currently available for iOS and to see a convolution reverb for such a modest price is pretty impressive. Master Record allows you to add different styles of analog warmth to your iOS-based recording and can be great for helping to smooth out the overall sound. Master FX provides a brilliant all-in-one multi-effects app and, as it has both Audiobus and IAA support, it is easy to use in conjunction with your favourite DAW app.

AltiSpace; brilliant convolution reverb app for iOS.

Finally – and this is an app that almost any iOS musician might like to own – Audio Mastering is Igor’s very popular mastering app and provides a very effective suite of processing options in an easy-to-use format to help you give your final mix a little more impact. It is fabulous value for money.

Igor Vasiliev’s Audio Mastering

Anyway, if these apps might be of interest and you have not, as yet, taken the plunge, Igor has been kind enough to provide me with five ‘bundles’ of all six apps (yep, 5 winners of ALL six) to give away here at the Music App Blog.

As usual with the giveaways I run on the blog, the deal is simple; get your name in the hat and see if it gets pulled out. You can enter the draw in one of two ways.

  • First, if you just want to enter this draw, then use the Contact Us page to leave your details before 10 pm (GMT) on Wednesday 4th January, 2017. Make sure to enter ‘Igor Bundle’ in the message subject line.
  • Alternatively, if you want to get included in this – and every future promo code giveaway run on the site – then sign up for the Music App Blog email list before the deadline. All members of the list will automatically be entered if every draw. You can sign up here and, as a bonus for signing up, you also get a copy of the Music App Blog’s ’25 iOS music apps to get you started’ guide.
FieldScaper - mobile sound design for the iOS masses.

FieldScaper – mobile sound design for the iOS masses.

As soon as I can organise after entries close, I’ll draw the lucky winners at random from all those entered. I’ll then notify the winners by email and include the necessary promo codes. I’ll also post an announcement here. If you do win, do make sure to use the code ASAP – iTunes Redeem Codes generally have a relatively short life span once they have been issued.

Weather you have an experimental streak with sound design projects or just need some high-quality audio processing options for your music projects, Igor’s app collection has something top-notch or offer. Hit the download buttons below to find out more…  but then get your name in the hat to stand a chance of winning one of the five bundles of all six apps :-)


Download from iTunes App Store


Download from iTunes App Store


Download from iTunes App Store

Master Record

Download from iTunes App Store

Audio Mastering

Download from iTunes App Store

Master FX

Download from iTunes App Store

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    1. Sanjin Fadljevic says:

      really great app´s..absolutely recommended!

      • ConfusedKitten says:

        I agree completely, I purchased this bundle a while back after deliberating for some time (as it’s very different to the standard synths and FX that I usually purchase) and I instantly fell in love with them – they open up a world of sound design possibilities! Igor rocks!

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