iFretless Guitar updated – Blue Mangoo add iOS9 support

Download from iTunes App Store iFretless guitar logo 2I’ve reviewed iFretless Bass, iFretless Brass and iFretless Sax from Blue Mangoo on the Music App Blog previously. All three are excellent iOS music apps and the playing interface provides plenty of expressive possibilities.

However, I’ve never got around to reviewing the other iFretless app – iFretless Guitar – other than a brief mention in my iOS virtual instrument roundup article. For iFretless Guitar, you can pretty much take as read the comments made for iFretless Bass and iFretless Sax in terms of the performance options. This app uses a very similar sound engine to iFretless Bass but it is populated with guitar samples rather than bass guitar samples. It is equally good. iFretless Guitar is perhaps better at melody/solo performances than pure strumming when compared to something like Guitarism or GuitarCapo+ but the sound is great and the performance interface very clever.

iFretless Guitar - the main interface shares features with the bass and sax models.

iFretless Guitar – the main interface shares features with the bass and sax models.

Lots of iOS musicians make use of one or more of the iFretless apps so it will be good news to see iFretless Guitar get an update  – to v.3.6 – on the App Store today. The focus is, of course, on tweaks to the app to provide support for iOS9 and the latest Audiobus SDK. I suspect similar updates for the other iFretless apps will appear shortly.

At UK£7.99, each of these is excellent value for money and, if you need the sounds of ‘real’ instruments (well, virtual instruments that create the sounds of real instruments) as opposed to electronic/synth sounds then, for each of these instruments – guitar, bass, brass and saxophone – the iFretless apps are top of the class for iOS.

iFretless Guitar

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